Why You Should Be Getting Creative with Project Spark

Mick Fraser: "Team Dakota allow you to do whatever you want with their game. Want to recreate Prince of Persia’s platforming in the desert sands? It’s possible. Want to make a deep and complex RPG, even featuring dialogue fully written by you? Go for it. I played one community level that was designed as a first person shooter, guiding a crossbow-armed goblin around the landscape collecting coins and shooting bandits."

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qwerty6761493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

"Why You Should Be Getting Creative with Project Spark"

well i think people want to, but i heard users keep stumbling into a lot of roadblocks and cant figure out what to do and just give up.

Spenok1493d ago

Not surprising.

I shall be waiting for it to launch of PC to get my creative on xD

Software_Lover1493d ago

I bought LBP, gave it a try, but it wasn't my type of game. I gave Project Spark a try anyway........ not my type of game.

I just don't have enough time and/or patience.