Terrify Humans In Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror, Coming To PC And PS Vita

"Poltergeist: A Pixelated Horror is a horror-puzzle game that puts the shoe on the other foot, so to speak. Yep, instead of having the crap scared out of you, for once here’s a game that lets you do the haunting and spooking.

As the ghost of Henry B. Knight, you’re not happy with the folks who keep trying to move into your stately manor, and so you vouch to scare them away.

You’ll have access to eight different powers to do this, including possession, altering objects, and becoming a spectre. There are 60 levels to solve across four different time periods in which you’ll need to employ wit and intelligence to send the prospective residents screaming."

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swansong1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

This game reminds me of an older sega genesis game called Haunting starring Polterguy. Check it out.

Same concept,scare people out of the house.