New photo and info on the Astro A50 Halo Gaming Headset for Xbox One

New photo and more information are now available for the Astro A50 Halo Gaming Headset of Xbox One.

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Starbucks_Fan1186d ago

That looks pretty sweet. $300 does seem like a lot though.

OpieWinston1186d ago

It is Wireless. They usually add a bit more to the price.

FITgamer1186d ago

It's worth it. I'm currently using the A40s(wired version). Best headset i've ever used.

lipton1011186d ago

I've been using the A50 since january, best headset I've ever owned. Battlefield 4 on the second setting max volume will literally hurt your ears. The mic is very loud so you'll have to move it back farther from your mouth. Overall it's worth the $300 asking price. Easily.

54LK1186d ago

If Astro managed a deal like Tritton then I'd go for it. Give me complete wireless and I'm sold. Looks to be just another color offering which is fine, more power to the die hard Master Chiefs.

Scatpants1186d ago

Their new year models always cost $300. If you wait until the next years model is out you can get it for like half.

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timothyckeegan1186d ago

Looks amazing, let's hope it gets a price discount.

qwerty6761186d ago

looks like they put no effort into this one, make it green and slap 117 on it.

pretty meh.

Ripsta7th1186d ago (Edited 1186d ago )

I thought so too but then if they made it too flashy it would look bad
Edit: The sliders on the side to adjust your headset look badass, dont know if they are on the original

n4rc1186d ago

Gonna try out the tb 500x I think..

$70 cheaper and fully wireless.. Curious how the DTS headphone stuff works

lipton1011186d ago

The A50 is fully wireless. I've used it every night since January

54LK1186d ago

You need a controller adapter for the astro's. The 500x apparently doesn't need one. That in itself is cause to acquire. Dts is interesting, we'll see how that pans out. Quality goes to Astros however.

54LK1186d ago

I'd definitely go for them if they were TB best offering. They seemed to have gone all out on the elite which is for PS4. I for one am a bit jealous so I'm going to look a closer at POLK audio.

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