Skyrim Modded Keeps Impressing Us - New Screenshots Show Mind-blowing Details

There is no doubt that the modded version of Skyrim looks phenomenal. Modders have managed to overhaul Bethesda’s RPG to the degree that it can even compete with current-gen titles. Look for example at those gorgeous textures, look at that spectacular female character, look at that amazing dragon. Skyrim modded is still one of the best looking days, and that says a lot.

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SaveFerris1521d ago

Some of these look fantastic, but what kind of rig do you need in order for it to run well?

FlameBaitGod1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Not that op really. With nvidia's new GTX 970 you can have a really nice freaking build for cheap. If you really want to save a lot of $, build your PC on Cyber Monday

FlyingFoxy1521d ago

970 is a lot of card for the money, i recently got one but haven't been able to use it yet.

From what i've seen though the 970 rips games apart @ 1080p, even the UE4 elemental demo dips to 39fps at the worst even with an older cpu.

been meaning to upgrade my x58 board and cpu but still haven't found much reason to even with newer games.. May wait and see what Skylake is like for new cpu/board/ram.

Magicite1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

~1$k proly.

LAWSON721521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I was able to run high end mods 1080p on a HD 7950 and GTX 760 ($200) and a i5 3570k no problem.

CPU: $130 (<=FX 6300)
MOBO: $80 (depends on needs but solid price for FX6300 combo)
RAM: $40-80 4GB works for Skyrim however 8 is recommended for newer games
GPU: $200 (If I took a guess, probably <= R9 280 3GB, I have had success with a 2GB GTX 760 but some say 2GB VRAM is not enough)
Case: $60
HDD: $60 (1TB)
PSU: $60
OS: $100 (there are ways around this with trials e.g getting a 3 month enterprise trial)

So probably $700ish, but if someone took advantage of trial $600ish down.

GameSpawn1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I had acceptable results from dual HD 7770's (OC'd XFX Black Ed cards). At less than $150 a card (when I got them around two years ago) I'm quite pleased how well they've held up. At first Skyrim had issues because it initially didn't play well with Crossfire setups, but after a couple game updates and AMD driver updates it was no longer an issue.

I "might" upgrade my cards sometime in the future, but I really need a new monitor first. My current one is an old Dell UltraSharp that peaks out at 1680x1050. I'm holding out for the 4K (or near 4K) Dell monitors to come down some in price.

Irishguy951520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

570 euro for me

Amd FX 6350
ASUS R9 270

This tower

1TB Hard drive

Using Realvision ENB and all the recommend mods that go with it. ALso got some sound mods that really add some atmosphere, and some more for stars and Auroras to look well, prettier. So much more immersive now.

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scark921521d ago

This looks great!, Skyrim have great mods, love that they are in the Steam Workshop for easy access!
I hope more games in the console sides allow Mod Support like Unreal Tournament 3 did on PS3, I wonder what they can make with it!

KidBroSweets21521d ago

Nice to see some screenshots of fully dressed women in these mods for once.

Feralkitsune1521d ago

Personally, it pissews me off that there are so many scantily clad armors bot because I think they look bad; but it's not practical to me. I like to use mods that add to the world to make it more immersive, not the opposite of taking me out of the world.

Same for the guys. If an armor seems too out of place for the game I won't use it.

megatron007331521d ago

Skyrim always Looks good with new mods.

Aleithian1521d ago

Time to start saving for a gaming PC.

Feralkitsune1521d ago

It's well worth it man. I built my first PC when I got my first job back in highschool. It was the most satisfying moment ever playing games on it. I remember buying Crysis 1 and being blown away at how good and well the game ran. First card was a 465 GTX I think.

WinterWolf1521d ago

Building a computer is pretty satisfying indeed! I built my first one back in high school too, but that was over 10 years ago! lol

I had a GeForce FX5200. And SW:Knight of the Old Republic and Battlefield 2 made it so worth it!

lfc_4eva1520d ago

Man I feel real old now.

I remember building pc's that ran msdos 6.

I was using ISA soundcards like soundblaster.
1MB Vram cirrus logic graphics card (pre 3d acceleration 3dfx).
I think my pc had 8MB ram, 420MB hard drive and an AMD 486 dx2-66 intel clone.

SVGA monitor to top it off.

Utter turd by today's standards, but glorious at the time to play doom2.

user56695101521d ago

dont do it just get a ps4. if you already have a ps4 get another one. pc sucks and have no exclusives sony the best no matter what. also dont buy any other console except sony's

lfc_4eva1520d ago

Seen any sunlight recently?

Jyndal1521d ago

It's unbelievable how gorgeous this game can be with a little re-texturing. I can't wait to see what ES6 looks like before and after the modders get a chance to play with it.

Feralkitsune1521d ago

More than just retexturing. It's an increased draw distance, higher res textures; custom lighting engine that allows advanced SSAO methods, added parallax mapping to items like grass, and rocks, better AA and more.

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