10 Essential Fixes The PS4 Desperately Needs

One year on, Sony's PS4 needs these fixes to remain king of the console world.

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Rick_Ross_Boss1513d ago

Less unscheduled maintenance the main one for me.

amiga-man1513d ago


it's not like its struggling to sell, the PS4 is breaking all sorts of sales records so it is hardly desperate, more desirable I would say.

Elit3Nick1513d ago

just because something sells extremely well doesn't mean it doesn't have glaring flaws, because by that note Destiny would be one of the greatest games ever

Septic1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

^^What he said.

Why do people keep bringing sales up as a justification for every problem PS related? Its just silly. Increaaed sales wont improve the DS4 battery life.

Palitera1513d ago

Nor the DS4 rubber durability.

amiga-man1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )


I didn't say the PS4 couldn't be improved (it obviously can) I questioned the word desperate (hence the question mark) that makes it sound like the PS4 is unusable without these things being done, if that were true we would not be seeing record sales.

As I said desirable would be more appropriate.

averagejoe261513d ago


Actually, the article said it needs these fixes to remain on top. So yes the sales are relevant to this post. It does not need these fixes desperately to remain on top, as the article suggests.

Neonridr1513d ago

@averagejoe26 - if the competition keeps introducing features that people want, they may be tempted to sway in the other direction. The fact that the Xbox One has DLNA support speaks volumes about their understanding that people like to stream movies. Hell the PS3 was extremely popular for that sort of thing. But Sony seems hell bent on making us all wait. Sure I have other devices that allow me to stream, but if I have my game console on and I am done with a game, why can't I stream a movie to my console?

While "desperately" is a bit strong, some of these points (Suspend/Resume) are things that were promised a long time ago.. it's about time Sony actually delivers on some of them.

Spenok1513d ago

I agree, none of these are Desperate. Though some are necessary. Some much more so than others.

CuddlyREDRUM1512d ago

Are you talking to this user, or the article?

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martinezjesus19931513d ago

Most scheduled maintenence are done during the time most people arent even online though. Ive been gaming online for like 7 years on psn now and I could count with one hand the amount of times I havent been able to play online because of a maintenence, and I think I put alot more hours online than the average gamer. Now psn being down for other reasons is another story.

VforVideogames1513d ago

What we desperately need its GAMES!!!!!!!!! I'm waiting for greatness.

JoeDaniel1513d ago

They are nowhere even remotely close to losing out to Microsoft or Nintendo at this point, and nothing seems to be even slightly changing that so I wouldn't say Sony NEEDS these changes to remain on top but not disagreeing that they'd help!

yarbie10001513d ago

10. Durable analog sticks
9. Improved Battery Life
8. Suspend/Resume
7. Customisable Menus
6. More Apps
5. Less Maintenance Downtime
4. Better UI in PSN Store
3. Extra Keyboard Shortcuts
2. Friend Sorting (Favorites )
1. More Games

You're Welcome

okmrman1513d ago

better UI overall
folders to organize apps and games
fix players met
the OS is very dated and lazy

gonna treat myself to an xbox one when i do my taxes

Th4Freak1513d ago

I'd add to your list:

* Mouse support for the browser.
* Party management without having to leave the game.
* Send messages without having to leave the game and improve the sending/receiving speed.

switchpoint1513d ago

here's my break down of the list
10. Durable analog sticks
Sony has already indicated they will replace the controller if it clearly shows wear and tear that wasnt your fault

9. Improved Battery Life
the battery life is fine, we were just given light dimmer options and also you can get an extension cable to have your controller charge as you play

8. Suspend/Resume
Would be nice, but not necessary, this kind of comes off as a whining option

7. Customisable Menus
Would be nice, but again not necessary. Just kind of a wish thing

6. More Apps
It's a gaming machine, it was shown off as a gaming machine and built as a gaming machine. I bought it knowing this. So don't try to force it to be something else because you want your multimedia that wasn't promised to you

5. Less Maintenance Downtime
I would agree with this being less, however there are always options for single player games to play. This is kind of a touchy situation depending on the gamer you are

4. Better UI in PSN Store
i can agree with this one, it would be nice to navigate the system better

3. Extra Keyboard Shortcuts
Would be nice, but I think the better option would be to give us keyboard support on the system. so i can then get a bluetooth keyboard or something

2. Friend Sorting (Favorites )
Not entirely nescarry but still would be nice to have a favorites option of sorts for friends

1. More Games
Please pay attention to the release schedule, games are coming. I know it's kind of slow but some good stuff is over the horizon

Septic1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

Disagree with you on all your points minus the ones you agree need sorting out

The battery life on the controller is turd. The UI needs to be more organised. Playing single player games because of maintenance downtime is not an effective solution.

More apps do need to be supported. Just because its a gaming machine doesnt it shouldnt benefit from other apps.

Suspend/reaume was something promised day one. Ita not a "whining request'.

Mega241513d ago

Playstation 4 already has Keyboard support, and it works in Browser, PSN Store, Messaging, etc. I know because I use one with my ps4. Also did with my 360 and PS3.

DS4 battery life is really short, adding a DS3 battery resolves this, but still is unnecessary DIY.

Many of the things in this list are options that vary from different gamers, for some is necessary, for you it isn't.

Neonridr1513d ago

Customisable Menus - a wish thing?

So I guess you will have no problems scrolling through 50 game icons to get to the game that you want, since you have no way of grouping anything together without a customisable menu.

KrisButtar1513d ago

Thank you, have a bubble

Genuine-User1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

10. Sony has fixed the issue with the analog sticks.
9. I agree, DS4 needs a better battery, but at least it's rechargeable.
8. I would welcome this feature, it works quite good on the X1.
7. Folders option please!
6. A native Youtube, 4oD, ITV and TED app will suffice.
5. I'm fine with the monthly scheduled maintenance.
4. I prefer the snappy PSN store more than Eshop U and X1 Marketplace.
3. PS4 has a lot of Keyboard shortcuts.
2. Agree
1. More games?

Rimeskeem1513d ago

Half those are coming in 2.0

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MAULxx1513d ago (Edited 1513d ago )

1- Controller Battery
2- Messages should be quicker & snappier
3- Pause/Resume Feature
4- A good Media Remote
5- Folders for Games

These would help out a lot & most of the core system functions work quite well. Party Chat, messaging (needs to be faster), joining games all work well.

bennissimo1513d ago

1) More games
2) More games
3) Better controller
4) Better UI
5)~10) More games

Back-to-Back1513d ago

^^^^ Buy a Ps4 first, then you can complain.

bennissimo1512d ago

Funny how opinions work, huh?

The only PS4 game I go back to is Transistor. The console is basically sitting on my shelf, waiting for 2015...

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