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We’ve become spoilt brats, squabbling over 900p resolutions (It honestly doesn’t matter guys) and the difference 2 frames-per-second makes - Writes Brapscallion

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Totally agree, man. Too much negativity over things that aren't very important. The game is a technical marvel. It's bringing together a whole host of technologies that have never been seen all in one game before. Not to mention the massive scale and the crowds of NPCs in the many thousands are breaking new ground and simply unrivaled by any other game.

But what's really exciting is not just that it is pushing graphics and scale to new heights, but it seems like they genuinely improved the core gameplay in dramatic ways. The combat, traversal mechanics, stealth mechanics, mission structure, customizability and so much more has been dramatically improved.

I love some of the things I'm hearing about this game. Here are a few quotes from other previews or gamers that had hands on time with the game:

"Scale of the city is unparalleled, though. Fucking immense."

"The game really played well besides all that, i remember standing on top of the biggest building and just looking all around me. The whole city looked so big, i could hardly believe it."

"The first thing I did was climb the building next to me. It wasn't so high but what I saw when I got to the top was insane. You could just see Paris spread out as far as the eye could see. The sense of scale was insane. It really felt like this huge city that was alive. The amount of people of the streets were also breathtaking."

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Couldnt agree more, the recent story trailer seemed so dark and much more mature in nature than anything assassins creed has given us so far. I really cant wait for this game :-)