TimeSplitters Rewind WIP Character Models Revealed

Chris Mawson writes: "After months of silence, the team behind TimeSplitters fan project TS Rewind have posted up images of two work-in-progress character models from the upcoming game.

Due to the nature of the project, progress on the game has been slow, with rumours of disarray and a change in management prompting fears earlier in the year that it had entered development hell. However, developer Daniel Wesoly surfaced earlier today on the project's Facebook page, posting two images showcasing very promising work-in-progress character models of Pvt. Poorly and Sgt. Shivers, both of whom appeared in TimeSplitters 2."

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Zenith4k1395d ago

Memories...... Sigh miss them

XisThatKid1395d ago

This game needs to make it's speedy comeback it is much needed on almost all platforms. Just give me 2 or future perfect on a download and have online multiplayer I'll be good.

3-4-51395d ago

Timesplitters 2 had so many awesome multiplayer maps and characters.

Loved that game. Still have it for GC.

AiirJordann231395d ago

you could also create your own maps and levels on timesplitters 2

Hazmat131395d ago

this need more people to support and truly bring back the golden age of the FPS

KillerPwned1395d ago

We need this series to come back and bring some life into the FPS genre.

LoaMcLoa1395d ago

Looks promising

Updated the graphics without removing the TS style

PaleMoonDeath1395d ago

The one FPS to take over my weekends as a kid, remember the multitap? bought one of those suckers just for Timesplitters, I'll buy the Rewind the moment it releases.

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