Assassin's Creed Unity Combat Is Reportedly Harder

Multiple gamer reports from a hands-on event confirm that Assassin's Creed Unity combat is harder than its predecessors, at long last.

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joab7771284d ago

Yeah, some challenge is or u feel like u r just taking part in a huge interactive movie.

starchild1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Definitely. These previews sound so good. They are getting me so hyped for the game.

I also really loved this quote:

"The first thing I did was climb the building next to me. It wasn’t so high but what I saw when I got to the top was insane. You could just see Paris spread out as far as the eye could see. The sense of scale was insane. It really felt like this huge city that was alive. The amount of people of the streets were also breathtaking."

boskoz1284d ago

It was not easy in previous chapters, it was BORING

NovusTerminus1284d ago

Acutally Brotherhood had some fun combat, but it was simplified for the games after its release. Before you have to dodge, block and parry. in Black Flag you just kept attacking...

Alexious1284d ago

It was both, unfortunately. Combat has long been one of the thorns in the side of Assassin's Creed, if they truly improved it then Unity could be great.

bixxel1284d ago

I played it at Gamescom and I literally cried out in shock when I began the combat.It's WAYYY harder than any AC game you've played before.Even harder than AC1.

starchild1284d ago

Actually, I thought the combat was fun and looked badass, it was just too easy. If they fixed that then it's golden.

wsoutlaw871284d ago

It was extremely easy and boring, counter then, kill, kill, kill. Its the reason I haven't enjoyed the series lately. Combat has sucked so it makes it feel pointless to play.

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Cybermario1284d ago

dont mind more challenging combat, this was always the flaw in the AC series

LavaLampGoo1284d ago

Same, looking forward to having to work even just a little to kill all every guard ever...

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skulz71284d ago

Loved AC 1 - AC Brotherhoods combat. After those games, it got incredibly easy. Really excited for Unity's release :)

HeavenlySnipes1284d ago

If I remember 2 still had the counter kill stuff

The combat has always been easy

skulz71284d ago

You could counter, but it would never lead to an instant death, apart from the really easy soldiers.
AC 1 actually had the most complex sword fighting system, with light and heavy attacks, along with more aggressive AI and quicker response needed for counters.

wsoutlaw871284d ago

Ya in 2 you could just hold block and smash counter until everyone was dead. There was only that one enemy you couldnt counter, but then you just do the same thing with dodges. It has been a very shallow combat system which ruins the game imo.

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The story is too old to be commented.