Batman: Arkham Knight: 10 Things It Must Learn From Shadow Of Mordor

With the Arkham influence running throughout Shadow Of Mordor, Rocksteady might feel that their upcoming release, Arkham Knight, simply needs to stick to the formula in order to succeed. That’s probably true, but Rocksteady has the opportunity, thanks to the exciting new developments in Shadow Of Mordor, to make Arkham Knight the ultimate Batman game. After all, combat isn’t the only thing that Shadow Of Mordor improves on; there’s plenty of lessons for Rocksteady to learn from Monolith’s game.

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Rainbowcookie1493d ago (Edited 1493d ago )

Also one must mention the lessons SOM learned from Rocksteady in their Batman games.
On the article it's unfortunately 10 pages of clicking. I've taken the liberty sorting that out for you.

1: Freerunning : Batman should be more like Assassins Creed (more agile)
2: Enemies should have strengths and weaknesses
3: Legendary weapons(?) they want something equal to the rune system on SOM. (crappy idea for a batman game)
4: More rewarding upgrades.
5:Pre-planning for a mission (villain)
6.More villains (with their own weakness)
7.Progression is key : Sudden doubling of the playing area after certain missions
8.Branding system : Batman intimidating a goon to get info and the advantage over a villain.
9.Integrate detective mode better
10. The Nemesis system

camel_toad1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Helpful bubble+ because I wouldnt have clicked through that mess.

OT: Shadow of Mordor took a lot of ideas from Batman and Ass. Creep (and I loved SOM) so I see no reason other games shouldnt borrow from the excellent Nemesis system. Id love to see more of it in other games as long as they make it their own.

Chris5581492d ago

1: overall running in batman is superior,+cape flying
2: enemies already do have weaknesses mordor copied most enemies and batman needs to learn from mordor LMAO
3:just no you mean exbatcalibur?
4:upgrades are already rewarding+shitton skins etc,
5: not needed
6:I rather have less well thought ones than mass villan thing like it was in arkham origins
7:progression is there in batman
8: this is retarded
9:it will be even better for sure
10: nemesis system is good but not in a batman game

AbyssDuck1492d ago

Not the same AI ? You can ''stealth'' kill 10 orcs one after another if they walk in a straight line and noone will notice you.

MicDude1492d ago

Yeah that is kind of silly

OH_u_DEAD1492d ago

What a stupid and pointless article. Shadow of Mordor took everything from batman not the other way around. It doesn't need to learn anything from shadow of Mordor but instead work on perfecting on what they're doing already. How does legendary weapons fit in?? batman doesn't even use weapons. You know nothing about Batman. I don't even want to continue clicking.

thekhurg1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Hopefully they don't make the game as boring as shadow of mordor is.

Square square square square OMG triangle! Square square square square triangle. Square square square R2+square triangle again square square square square. One enemy dead 10 more to go....

Sadist31492d ago

That's so true. The game is too easy. Just attack and counter, that's it. A child can do it.

Muadiib1492d ago

I kinda agree, game is repetitive man, I love the Arkham series but they have a lot more variety tbh, the Middle Earth story is keeping me going so far albeit reluctantly.