Vandal Hearts II Review (Video Chums)

Review for Vandal Hearts II on PlayStation. A unique turn-based strategy RPG. Vandal Hearts II is an often misunderstood strategy RPG gem that many gamers have tried but gave up after not understanding how to play. The game requires a lot of patience and if you are willing to learn the complexities of battle and teach yourself strategies to win then the reward is well worth the effort.

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kalkano1283d ago

This game is great! I wish the series would come back. I give a big "meh" to the tiny, downloadable 3rd game; but 1 and 2 were FANTASTIC!

andrewsimons1282d ago

Wish those retro games were playable on new consoles.

VideoChums1282d ago

You can play Vandal Hearts II on PlayStation 3 as long as you have the disc! :D

dannygamer1282d ago

This was Konami's first RPG game for PS :)

firestarter791282d ago

nope,first was Suikoden...:)

AsunaYuukiTheFlash1282d ago

Vandal Hearts 2 , FF Tactics and Vanguard Bandits are my all time favorite SRPG on the PSX.

VideoChums1282d ago

Great choices! The Arc the Lad series and Front Mission 3 are also pretty cool.

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