God Eater A PSP and PS Vita Video Game Title Gets an Anime Series

Namco Bandai announced the staff for the upcoming anime series God Eater. The anime series is based on a popular PSP title. God Eater is a a hack and slash video game developed by Shift and published by Namco Bandai for PS Vita. The video game is set in future Japan where most of the human race is destroyed by some large monsters called Aragami.

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kamper1493d ago

Hope they take their time with it though. Won't want the F/SN project getting in the way of budget.

NovusTerminus1493d ago

Well, they have F/SN, another Kara no Kyoukai movie in works, and the rumored Tsuki Hime remake going on...

All in all, they have a massive amount of anime due out.

HentaiMasterRace1493d ago

If the anime is good then it will help by a lot.

MeteorPanda1493d ago

so they can make an anime but not a localisation of ge2 due to costs? What? WHAT?

scark921493d ago

I would imagine the Anime will help sales in Japan.

NovusTerminus1493d ago

Cost / risk of a Vita game stateside is rather steep for small companies.

I imagine the PS4 version will come over.

Inception1493d ago

Imho, the anime is a win-win situation for God Eater fans and Bamco.

While God Eater fans can enjoy a high quality anime from Ufotable (the studio who made Fate/Zero, Fate/Stay Night, and Tales of Xillia 1 & 2 anime cutscenes), but if the anime got popular in US/EU it will increase the chance for Bamco to localize God Eater 2.

Just look at Sword Art Online. At first, Bamco doesn't have plan to localize SAO: Hollow Fragment because at that time the anime doesn't have enough follower in US/EU. But more and more people got interested with the series and when season 2 got announced this year, the series already had enough fans for Bamco to localized the games. The result is very good where Hollow Fragment sold like 100k+ in US/EU and shipped 400k worldwide.

Also, PS4 is selling like hotcakes. So there's more possibility for Bamco to localize GE 2: Rage Burst for PS4 & vita next year. So be patient mate.

MeteorPanda1493d ago

l'm patient, just blows my mind they'd jump to an anime before localizing a game. to me that's backwards as hell

HammadTheBeast1493d ago

This game would make for a really good anime. Something similar to Attack on Titan or something.