Shadow Warrior Price Revealed

We all know that Shadow Warrior releases next week on the PS4 and Xbox One, what we did not know was a price, until now.

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thezeldadoth1514d ago

this was one of my favorite games on PC from the last couple of years. Great story, great swordplay and shooting, great graphics and level design.

Scrivlar1514d ago

Genuinely never heard of this game before,Looks pretty awesome though so I might have to pick it up.

Spenok1514d ago

I saw it at the store today and thought about it. Will have to wait though :/

thezeldadoth1514d ago

Its worth it. Its such an underrated title. Even the soundtrack is great.

Dustinf111514d ago

I was young when I got the original on pc. But all I remember is killing bunnies. Lots of bunnies. At the bottom of a cliff.

SolidGear31514d ago

This is already at a local Wal-Mart on Xbox One. I saw it yesterday.