16 Horror Video Games You Must Play Before Halloween

WC: Executing horror effectively in video games is something that only a select few manage to do with any real prowess and memorability – too easy is it to just throw gore or twisted visuals at you for the sake of it. There’s also any number of things like scripting scenes to unfold in front of you – or just making sure you’re looking the right way – that can ruin the entire thing if not done well. Regardless, what makes horror gaming so enjoyable is that it’s always going to be you who’s tackling the unknown entity yourself, making for some of the most incredibly immersive experiences in gaming along the way.

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thepatientgamer1490d ago

Great list with both old and new generation titles, but I'm iffy on some.
I would love to hear more on Siren: Blood curse. Worth it?

xer01490d ago

Siren: Blood curse is a game I'll remember, as one of the best survival horror games on the PS3.

Also, it was the first episodic survival horror game on PSN. In the game, you play multiple characters, all trying to survive they're way through a cursed town.

It's well worth playing and I couldn't recommend it, anymore than I have done.

skwidd1490d ago

Siren was one of my most anticipated games on PS3 and I finished it twice! Great game and perhaps the first game to do episodes. If you like survival horror than a big yes to this game! Totally try it!