5 Final Fantasy Henchmen (That Were Better Characters Than Their Employers)

WC: "When someone says ‘Final Fantasy’, what is the first thing that come to your head? Perhaps its chocobos, the flightless yellow birds that have appeared in all but one entry of the series? Maybe it’s the ridiculously long summon sequences that players bear witness to upon calling a creature such as the dragon king Bahamut to their aid? It could even be the often irritating random encounters with monsters such as Cactuars, Tonberries or the much-despised Malboros.

For many aficionados, the defining aspect of the series is the sheer volume of engaging and captivating stories that it has provided us throughout the last twenty seven years, from the simple world-saving of the original release to the complex and highly regarded plots boasted by the franchise’s SNES and Playstation titles.

Every great story needs a great villain, of course, and the series’ has rarely failed to disappoint players with its gallery of principal rogues, which includes the maniacal Kefka, the theatrical Kuja and the despicable Sephiroth.

These have each been supported by an array of excellent supporting antagonists, however, some who support them, and some whom oppose them. Some of these secondary villains even have henchmen of their own."

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