Nightmare Cooperative Review: Hardcore Droid

Hardcore Droid - Scottish developers Lucky Frame are on a mission, as their website states, “to encourage creativity through technology”. Their latest effort, a puzzle-heavy roguelike called Nightmare Cooperative, fulfills this promise by pushing the player’s strategic faculties to the brink, while soothing away maze-induced insanity with its impressive artistry and wry wit. The premise is, rather than a heroic tale of derring-do, a hilariously dour political snarl grimly recalling the burdens of real-world citizenship. A medieval Village Council has emptied its coffers on monuments to its own members, so it calls on all its knights, archers, mages and other able-bodied residents to do a little “fundraising”. This means scouring the corners of a series of deadly mazes to gather as much gold as possible without being killed by pitchfork-wielding guards, poisonous critters, and other atrocities.

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