Playing games used to be simple: Why better hardware is not always a good thing

With all the talk about day one patches, firmware updates, and hard disc install sizes, sometimes you start to wonder what happened to the simplicity of putting a game inside a machine and turning it on. The main change that’s occurred with console gaming over the past hardware cycle is that it’s become more like PC gaming. That’s inspired a lot of evolution, but it’s also starting to defeat some of the reason people even buy consoles.

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GreenUp1516d ago

Playing games used to be simple and addicting. SOCOM.

THamm1516d ago

I believe loading has been the major step back for gaming. Nothing quite better than games that seemlessly load, sometimes now loading can totally ruin the immension

andrewer1516d ago

I feel ya. I hate when there's a cutscene, like, before a boss battle, making you ready for it, and then there's some loading before you can actually go to the fight.

darthv721516d ago

If the PS4 and XB1 had opted to include the ability to play from the disc then the simplicity would still be there in these consoles.

Simplicity in playing a game is all about the convenience of doing so. Be it a cartridge, CD, DVD or bluray....just being able to put the game in and start playing is the key to simplicity.

No installations (optional if the users wishes) and having the option to decline the auto update process (patching) should have been standard features for those who just want to plug and play.

PiNkFaIrYbOi1516d ago

Yes, it is getting more annoying have to install game, need a patch before you can play the game you just bought. Sometimes it even has day 1 dlc and on and on it goes.

Genuine-User1516d ago

It takes less than a minute to install a game and you can download any patch in the background.

ForgottenProphecy1516d ago

Don't pretend games can't take well over a minute to install. Some games take up to 5 minutes, depending on the platform

Shad0wRunner1516d ago


Yeah...because waiting 5 minutes for an install, while you make a sammich or take a SUCH an inconvenience!

Talk about an over-entitled generation of gamers.


Genuine-User1516d ago

@ ForgottenProphecy

What utter tosh. Games take less than a minute to install on the PS4, Wii U doesn't even require installations.
As far as X1 is concerned, it's pretty obvious that it takes more time.
What's all this 'pretend' talk?

ForgottenProphecy1516d ago

No install time > 5 minute install time. This article is about how gaming used to be simpler with things like no install time, and saying that installing a game takes under a minute is false when some games take longer.

Genuine-User1516d ago

Games were not as technologically advanced as they are now, neither were they 50GB+ in data.
There is also a difference between Bluray and DVD read speed.
According to my experience, I have not installed a single game on the PS4 that has taken longer than a minute.

darthv721516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

The installation process of the ps4 and xb1 are slightly different. The ps4 allows you to start playing the game after a short duration because it preloads a set of core assets to initially allow the game to start. It will continue to install as you play until it is complete.

The xb1 installs more data (which takes longer) before it allows you to start playing.

Now what i am curious about is do you still need the disc in order to actually play the games after they have been installed? You do on the 360 if you choose to install the game, you need the disc as a way to validate the installation (if only a few seconds).

In either case, both MS and Sony had a different reason they chose not to allow the games to play from the discs themselves. For Ms it was the more obvious DRM policy to which many have said Sony 'was' planning to do the same thing. Because if they didnt...there would be no need to install the game in the first place.

Both BD drives in the PS4 and XB1 are significantly quicker than the BD drive in the PS3 and even quicker in reading the data than the DVD in the 360.

Playing from the disc is possible but both parties had other reasons to remove that ability.

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poppinslops1516d ago

It's better than ever!


MaxwellBuddha1516d ago

I know you're being sarcastic, which is the only reason I agreed with you.

poppinslops1516d ago

Oh no, I'm serious... I've just finished watching 'Code Geass' and it's got me all empirious.

Sarcasm is for fools. -S

Let me clear.
I sincerely believe that the Internet is vital to the future of videogames.

No, it's not perfect... but what is?

uth111516d ago

There is still an advantage with consoles. The hardware is all the same for everybody. If the game is broken it's probably broken for everybody and the publisher will issue patches.

on PCs often games run great on some hardware/OS combinations but buggy on others. You have to search for fixes or workarounds for your issues because you are never sure if your issue is even on the publisher's radar screen.

decrypt1516d ago

sure just the way publishers issued patches for Skyrim, Dragon age, Mafia 2, BF3 or even Fallout 3.

In more instances consoles get ignored. Hell i have seen instances where the devs do nothing, then its left to the PC community to issue fixes, no such thing on consoles where the user is at the mercy of the dev to issue a fix.

kevnb1516d ago

And patches have to be approved and cost money for the devs on consoles, I'm also pretty sure there are size limits.

Gwiz1516d ago

That's not entirely true,there's actually games now that have different issues on the PS4.

uth111516d ago

yes, there are. But the publisher takes care of the fixes or not. The user doesn't have to waste a lot of time trying to get it to work, because there isn't much he/she can tweak.

Unlike on PC, where game doesn't work? search google, try this patch, that tweak, this fix, reinstall with these options.. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, but you can easily find you've blown hours trying to get a game to work instead of playing games.

So even though the consoles have gotten more complex and PC like, they still have a significant simplicity advantage.

Peekayboo1516d ago

Leik omg gaymes these days are so complicated, and all these patches trying to fix the borken gaymes, I spent $500 on my Xstation 4 and these $60 games keep getting squached and then they no twerk =(

SkippyPaccino1516d ago

Did you write from the perspective of a std on Mily Cyrus vajayjay? Lol!

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