Code Age: The Square Enix Franchise We Never Experienced

Hardcore Gamer: During the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn lore panel, Michael Christopher Koji-Fox – a longtime translator for Square Enix – revealed that he had entirely translated Code Age Commanders before he was informed that the game would not be released to territories outside of Japan.

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Fullmetalevolust1466d ago

It looks absolutely awesome and should probably be re-released on portables, psvita and 3ds. Better yet, a PSN release would be nice too.

Godmars2901465d ago

And it likely failed because it was a divided multimedia project rather than one game with some kind of honest "heart".

TM3331465d ago

This looks killer! Would LOVE to play this, especially on my Vita.

Inception1465d ago

Beside Code Age, we also didn't get:

- Front Mission 2
- Front Mission 5
- Front Mission Online
- Front Mission: Gun Hazard
- Blood of Bahamut
- Gunslinger Stratos
and many more