Is Online Gaming Really an Anti-Women Cesspool?

Does the online gaming community really hate women as a majority or have our sensibilities become too warped to remember the trash talk that has almost always been a part of online gaming?

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Jason_Plays_PC1520d ago

Depends if they attention seek like on twitch tv like a certain female starting with a K.. im not gonna give her publicity here on n4g you probably know who she is. Generally tho i have no problems with the few females i know who play mmo,s they are pretty cool and no different from the males generally.

Shacks1520d ago

There is nothing wrong with what they do. In a way no different than strippers. If people want to give them money, so be it.

Jason_Plays_PC1520d ago

So there,s nothing wrong with being bad at a game on a massive gaming stream site but using your breasts to make prepubescent and lonley males or wahtever way you wanna look at it, they are taking advantage of vunerbale males who dont know any better, the actual game is just something in the backround and no one is paing any attention to it..Its TWITCH TV a gaming straming site..Bring that crap to a porn cam site if your main intention is to show your breasts.

supermintendo1520d ago

My only problem with comparing them to strippers/strip clubs is when you're going to a strip club you are going for that sort of entertainment, not for something else and strippers just happen to be there.

If you're going to a place to watch a game streamed, you're going there to see a game streamed maybe with some witty commentary. Sure some people go there for the attention whores, but i would gander most dont initially go for that. It's (or it should be a place for) games. It just happens there also happens to be boobage there.

That said, it's up to people if they want to donate to those types, but for the donations for those type will continue to remind me of mardi gras beads.

NukaCola1520d ago

The online modes of games are open and unrated. If you don't want sexist and hatful bigotry, you can mute, stick to a party or not play. Some games like LBP have a good Grief System to keep dirtballs from being negative online.

Soulscare1520d ago

It's nothing to do with them being female, it's more to do with them being idiots. If you constantly keep bringing things back to your gender, you're an idiot and serious gamers won't want to play with you. Same goes for if you're black, white, straight, gay etc. No one cares. At all.

Kingdomcome2471520d ago

I get your point Jason, but I think it's off base calling them, "Vulnerable males." She's only there because people continue to support her channel. I'd say that that particular situation is at the opposite end of the spectrum from the issue that they are attempting to discuss here. Again though, I do understand your point.

Jason_Plays_PC1520d ago

People dont go to 99% of females channels for the gameplay is all im saying and its twitch tv..thats my view on it anyway..more often than not they are not even playing anything.

AgentSmithPS41520d ago

Thanks for the laugh, I've seen 'your' movies and found it funny that you'd be attacking sexy women on n4g just like you do on screen.

Nobody is forcing you to watch their streams, and I'm glad that you don't have the power to force them to remove the wonderful ladies that share their gifts. It's nice to have something else to look at and to entertain you if the game gets boring too.
Just relax and bask in the restorative powers of a cutey.

No offense but you should probably get help if you're serious, if you're too rigid you can snap.

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Gaming247allday1520d ago

Well i only play Online Multiplayer for the most part when i Game, and i am NOT Anti Women, i hate how a small minority of people and their actions affect how people view an entire group of people, especially when i'm included in that goup

NiteX1520d ago

Depends on the game. Most MMOs have no problems. Most FPS do however.

Spotie1520d ago

The guys talking trash in fps games are the same dudes that treat other guys like crap, too. It's seriously not gender related.

SoundGamer1520d ago

Pretty much. I hear more people getting called "fa**ot" and "ni**er" than anything else.

shadowknight2031520d ago

I can't see women being harassed changing in the online gaming world. If it happens in real life everyday, why would it suddenly stop happening online where there's no face for fist to make contact with, or for better describing words of a common man describing what usually can occur "you just got b!tch slapped".

Plus c'mon guys we all know there are those that trash talk just to trash talk, that's never gonna end either.

You wouldn't go play a game of texas hold em' at a casino and call out their bluff with a "you really suck @$$ at this game". You would just say "I call" and continue the game followed by a sip of that free pop casino's like to give players.

ab5olut10n1520d ago

No, it isn't. You're stupid if you believe it is.

Sly-Lupin1520d ago

How does it feel to always be the smartest person in the room?

ab5olut10n1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Kind of depressing. I'm never surprised.

On a more serious note, maybe somebody could add up the number of misogynistic messages received by female online gamers, compare that to the total number of online gamers, and see if it really comes anywhere close to being a majority. It won't, and I'm being generous. Somebody could have sent more than one message. The only reason it seems so prevalent is because of the attention it draws. This is all super disappointing, but typical. Maybe that's why it's so disappointing.

*edited for spelling

supermintendo1520d ago

I've gotten probably more messages using the word c**t when I'm not using a headset, it's just an angry player mad ive been doing bad in a game or been doing too well. my names aren't girly either. except for when i let my gay male friend use my steam account and he made up the most impossibly slutty bio, even still I've not gotten any hate there.

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