Halo Franchise Surpasses 60 Million Copies Sold

In thirteen years time, Halo has sold a staggering amount of copies.

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Foehammer1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

That's an extremely impressive figure, especially when put into perspective...

It comes from just 2 console generations totalling just 108m sales.

Well done

Edit @ Ka7be, yes, that was the point I was trying to make...

GT sold on 3 generations and 340m consoles

So 3x as many consoles for 20m more sales

In perspective Halo has REALY done well.

@ PorkChop, thx you'r right, to a lesser extent there are additional platforms, PC.

ATi_Elite1516d ago

Ok MS now release it all on the Pc and reach 100m in no time.

If you or ever want to be forgiven for that gfwl crap you will give PC Gamers all things Halo or at least the MCC.

radler1516d ago

It does seem odd that Microsoft would pass-up on all those sales, especially considering Windows is their primary platform after all.

It's like Nintendo refusing to release Mario games for the Wii U because they think it would interfere with their 3DS sales, even though they own both platforms.

OpieWinston1516d ago

Look at Halo being the lifeblood of Xbox.

It doesn't just sell well on Xbox.

It sells hardware
It sells Xbox live gold memberships

They'd be giving up a lot of profits just for a few million unit sales.

The demand for Halo on PC isn't strong...The MCC petitions are weak as hell and take 0 effort to fill out.

Jason_Plays_PC1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Fully agreed ati elite gfwl was incredibly annoying.

[email protected] Ms dont own the pc platform they provide an operating system to use which many many gamers pirate btw, there also mac and linux which play a limited amount of games..Some people happily game on mac alone and i know a few.

4Sh0w1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Micro doesn't own pc, Halo MCC on pc would do very little if anything to help their Windows OS dominance and alot to go against Halo+Xbox plans. Micro doesn't owe pc gamers anything, microsoft owns xbox hardware and thus MUST ensure X1 gamers are priority when it comes to their 1st party exclusives.

They put specific games, mostly a few 3rd party exclusive deals on pc for a added revenue stream but Halo is one of those titles where the it wouldn't be smart, at least not for the next 2+ years but yeah I could see the MCC coming to pc after 2-3 years from now, still doubt it though.

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porkChop1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Actually the series wasn't only on 2 platforms. It was also on Windows PC, OSX, and Windows Phone.

But yeah, 60m units sold is pretty great.

hulk_bash19871516d ago

I've bought and enjoyed every Halo release since the Original on the Xbox. So many great memories wih the multiplayer. Master Chief is a legend and for good reason. Congrats to Microsoft, Bungie and 343 Industries.

christocolus1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Bungie left a great legacy behind and I'm so proud of what 343i was able to accomplish with Halo4 and the franchise as a whole. They've(343i) proven themselves to be very capable of continuing that great legacy and with that said I can't wait to see what they achieve with Halo5. Its going to be an amazing game.

Congrats to MS ,Bungie and 343i

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jetlian1516d ago

Should be early 50s not 60. Didnt see a source either

GodGinrai1516d ago

"Should be early 50s not 60. Didnt see a source either"

Do you have a source that confirms its early 50s?

LAWSON721516d ago

This is easily believable,

Halo 3 15M
Halo Reach 10M
Halo 4 9M
Halo 2 8M
Halo 1 6M
These are just the main entries on Xbox platforms and that is like 48M.
Halo 3 ODST, Wars, SA, Halo 1 and 2 PC, Halo CE Ann probably easily make that 60M

jetlian1516d ago

Lol 7 disagrees and im an xbot lol. Lawson your at 48 million and h1/2 did 5 and 7 last time heard bringing it to 46.

Wars 2 , odst 4/5, pc dont know if they included with the originals. Last real numbers was dec 2012 after H4 MS hit 50 million

1516d ago
Bossmon1516d ago

lol ha, owned @jetlian couldnt even come up with recent info...why use stats from 2+ years ago?

Kribwalker1516d ago

It says it right here in this official press release. More then 60 million copies

Thirteen years ago, Xbox made gaming history with the release of Halo: Combat Evolved. Then, ten years ago, Halo 2 changed the face of gaming forever. To date, more than 60 million copies of Halo games have been sold worldwide

LAWSON721516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

People are disagreeing because you are simply wrong...
Halo 2 has sold 8.5M and 1 has sold 6.5M according to VGChartz. Now that I am not on 2G...

All from VGChartz except 3 which was confirmed by MS.

1- 6.5M
2- 8.5M
3- 15M
4- 9M+ digital
Reach- 9.5+ digital
CE Ann.- 2M

That is 56.5M, it is most definitely possible the franchise has hit 60M sold. Apparently MS has even confirmed the number in a link above.

jetlian1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Well now that MS confirmed it good as I dont fully trust Vgcharts and H4 was the last major one.

In any case cant decide on which two to get first halo mcc, ACU, or Far cry 4

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Revolt131516d ago

Good stuff :)
Now give me MCC, and Halo 5!!

ManAnimalX1516d ago

And Destiny WILL NEVER achieve this greatness.

OmegaShen1516d ago

What greatness? You do see the ones made by Bungie sold best right? Plus I'm sure COD sold more then this, which is sad.

Protoss1516d ago

COD is multi-platform Mr. Braniac, Halo is majority xbox only so how is COD even remotely relevant?

Oh and just an fyi, most Bungie staff jumped ship to 343i before Bungie departed... So technically the great devs are still making Halo. Derp.

OmegaShen1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

An yet Halo 4 sold less, hm I wonder why?

Halo is on PC, Xbox and Windows Phone and maybe other OS.

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Bossmon1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

dude isnt cod gonna be released on like 7 different consoles?
x1,360,ps4,ps3,pc,wii,vita,i think you can even find it on ds

dirkdady1515d ago


You are incorrect about bungie employees jumping to 343.
343 was built with industry vets from other studios.. But most of the initial talent like Corrine left for other studios like naughty dog.

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r2oB1516d ago

Destiny is only one game though, hardly a fair comparison.

IVanSpinal1516d ago

maybe Destiny 2 or 3, but Destiny 1 never

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