'Destiny' launch ranks amongst the top 10 in the U.S.

The Bungie-developed sci-fi title Destiny was the top-selling game in the U.S. in September based upon physical retail sales of the game. Adding in digitally-downloaded copies of the game, which released Sept. 9, estimated sales of Destiny sit at $325 million. That ranks the game in the top 10 all-time for new video game launches in U. S. history.

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Spenok1492d ago

Not bad Destiny, not bad at all. Though I feel it is undeserved. Don't get me wrong, I have and enjoy the game. I just feel it should have been so much more.

Though speaking on that. I have hope for the future of this game, and plan on keeping a close eye on it. Especially with the first expansion coming out in December.

Jonny5isalive1492d ago

they had to cut out half the stuff for dlc you know.

Spenok1492d ago

They said the game went through a transformation over the last year. So I can bet a LOT of content was cut and cut for good. Though some of it was surly for DLC as well.

This game has potential, it just needs work like just about any "MMO" launch. I mean, look at FFXIV for instance. That game was one of the worst, and I mean WORST launched MMO's ever, and now it's nothing short of amazing. And I have first hand experience. I lied to myself for a good 3 months telling myself it was the second coming lol.

donthate1492d ago

I paid $90 for the digital guardian edition with the DLC, and I can tell you this game is a turd!

I'm not the only one apparently, because the critics seems to agree. The only redeeming quality in this game is the game play mechanic that Bungie literally ripped out of halo, the music (which they now lost the composer) and the artwork.

No game this crappy should receive this much success. It sends the message that we are going to accept turd games!

venom061492d ago

Boring and mediocre sums up this game perfectly. And yeah, that is bad considering the amount of money spent to make the game... Notice The PR spin involved in this article. Title says, "Destiny launch ranks amongst top 10 in US".. But when you read further down, it's actually only top for new IPs. Huge difference.. Point Activision is STILL trying to spin the very boring, mediocre game into something spectacular with statements like this..

GhostTurtle1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I had "hope" for its future. Never in my life have I ever played a game so disappointing yet so addicting. The game has the right tools. It could be so much better (its very frustrating the potential this game has), yet this hope you speak of, I once had it, but I'm starting to lose faith in Bungie by the day. They just seem to be focusing on all the wrong things or cant get the balancing right. I can feel the awesomeness that can be had in this title but its hard to imagine its being ran by the same company that ran Halo after all these years. Seems like its being run by a bunch of monkeys.

Trekster_Gamer1492d ago

Yeah the wool they used is bigger than most cities, pulled right over so many people's eyes!

orakle441492d ago

How could they have "pulled the wool" over peoples eyes when there was not one, but two beta's? I mean if anyone played the beta they knew exactly what they were getting. And if you didn't play the beta, well the game was very popular, there was plenty of articles/videos about the second beta. There was no surprises with this game.

lolosgolos1492d ago

And sold most physical copies on X1.

Spenok1492d ago

That's according to some random website. Sony themselves said that PS4 was the biggest platform for Destiny.

kingvendrick1492d ago

@lolosgolos, think that should say given away.

lolosgolos1492d ago

Dude NPD says physical copies most on X1, Sony says digital which was probably even a statement to counter the fact that NDP put X1 on top.

@kingvendrick - Dude a sell is a sell and you can't confirm that everyone who bought X1 got destiny as they where many choices so that urgument is lazy at best with no offical info ro back it up. Fifa 15 sold more physical copies on PS4 and no one is countering that. Let's move on

Spenok1492d ago

Keep this in mind. Yes, NPD says it sold better on Xbone, but they don't track bundled games. AND NPD is only in the US. So I highly doubt, if you counted WW sales, that the Xbone sold more physical copies.

"The list of top-selling games below only accounts for new, physical copies. You'll notice it shows Destiny sold better on Xbox One than it did on PS4, but there are two factors to keep in mind regarding something Sony said today. One is that any copies sold as part of the PS4 Destiny bundle are not counted (bundled software is never tracked by the NPD), and Sony's statement about PS4 being the top console for Destiny notes that it's true worldwide."

source =

And while I know this is never a good place to get numbers, they are at least a decent estimate... but

If that's at all the case (which it's a stretch I know) Destiny sold better in every other country, almost doubling the sales of the Xbone.

lolosgolos1492d ago

No comment on worldwide sells but I am inclined to agree with you though that is not relevant to this article as it based on US sells alone.

It should be noted that X1 has download purchase too and also note that not every one who got an X1 this month got destiny unless we can track that. Another thing is the promotion lasted a week or so if not mistaken. The fact of the matter is X1 did sell better physical copies despite the install base disadvantage. Speaking of install base the inclusion of this months sells of X1 is still a million less than X1 and yet? .Let's give credit were its due instead of always having a reason to downplay X1

Ausbo1492d ago

I dont think so. Maybe if you subtract the destiny bundle

Spenok1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I'm not trying to downplay the Xbone, just stating that yes, they had a promo, but those games they gave away for free, be it Destiny or not, were counted as sales for that game (and rightly so, whatever the price they were at, $0 or otherwise.) However the PS4 Destiny bundle is only tracked as a PS4 sale and not a PS4 AND Destiny. Just as Xbone's bundle wasn't tracked as an Xbone and whatever game it weas (I think it was Forza), it was only tracked as an Xbone.

If you also look at NPD, they stated PS4 sold almost 3 times as many units in Sept as in Aug, which is a suggested number around 550,000 units. And while it's obvious not every single one of those was the Destiny bundle, it's safe to assume a decent number in fact were. Desinty was a VERY hyped game, and many, many people wanted it. Sony promoted the hell out of the game, and also gave it away for free via bundle.

Again, I'm not downplaying the Xbone at all, I'm simply just looking at all the facts, and making an educated guess that the way things look probably aren't the way they are. The fact the Xbone sold comparably at all is an achievement (unlocked... sorry, couldn't help myself lol) in and of itself, and kudos to it. I'm just not trying to see something at face value and accept it as truth.

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TripC501492d ago

All I'm gonna say is thank you 343 for staying with Halo when Bungie felt like they had to move on and make other games. And thank you Bungie for letting 343 continue a great franchise.

objdadon1492d ago

Halo been garbage ever since bungie left

TRD4L1fe1492d ago

Reach and Halo 4 were awesome

Ausbo1492d ago

Halo 4 single player was spectacular and the music was almost right up there with O donnel. However I will agree the multiplayer wasn't good.

The_KELRaTH1492d ago

Impressive, I wonder if it includes the disc versions includes with The PS4 and X1 console bundles

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