I'm Still Completely Fascinated By P.T. (Silent Hills)

Two months in, Castle Geek-Skull is *still* infatuated with P.T. - the Silent Hills playable teaser.

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averagejoe261495d ago

Me too... One of the greatest gaming experiences I've ever had and I've been playing since the early 90s.

linkenski1494d ago

Me too. I have not forgotten what a pleasantly terrifying surprise that demo was! One of the scariest game experiences I've ever had and I've beaten Amnesia and Dead Space and alike. Also one of the best looking games I've ever seen.

fonduktoe1494d ago

This truly was David lynch making a video game. That whole can games be art argument seems silly to me. Video games are the art form of this point in history. Mark my words names like miyamoto, kojima, naughty dog, etc., will be legends in the vein of Warhol and picasso. They changed how current culture views art.