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"So right now what you’ve got with Driveclub is a grand single-player game with a set of demanding challenges on lovely tracks using distinct cars with uniquely appealing driving models. In other words, you’ve got the latest game from Evolution Studios, and a worthy successor to the games they’ve been making in the Motorstorm franchise, but one that has almost none of the online features that were intended to give it its indentity. What you don’t have is the game they intended to make or any meaningful ETA as to when that game will be ready."

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bleedsoe9mm1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

This website is a embarrassment to people who actually work hard , try and remain unbiased and take writing game reviews seriously . it gave functioning game Forza horizon 2 a 1 and a non functioning game driveclub a 3 . how are these guys taken seriously , maybe....maybe you can make the case that driveclub is as good as FH2 , but 2 points better , please ! Is Shuhei Yoshida Editor-in-chief .

nicksetzer11516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Yea, it is hard to even take this review seriously after horizon 2"s review. What I find funny is how the same criticisms he had with one he completely ignores (and then some) with the other.

IMO, sites like this are why metacritic are broken. No way should this site (and a few others as well) be included.

Honestly asuch as I hate kotaku, I really admiring their review process. They basically rate the game buy or don't buy and give an excellent overview of their experience with the game, much better than slapping random numbers on one individuals opinion.

xHeavYx1516d ago

This website has been using high profile games to get clicks for a long time.

OB1Biker1515d ago (Edited 1515d ago )

People shouldnt take any review seriously and specially not the 'score' they give like you said 'random numbers'.
Instead of checking 'numbers' everywhere it makes more sense to have your preferred reviewer that you know usually is closer to your own tastes and then read through the content and figure out your OWN opinion whether you will like a game. the rest is a waste of time XD

Ka7be1516d ago ShowReplies(3)
Riderz13371516d ago

Driveclub is a functioning game. It has a single player that works fine...Don't be upset that it scored higher than Forza Horizon 2, that's how opinions work. People prefer different types of thinks. Don't be a monkey.

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Ka7be1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )


I never put stock in one review not even in a collection of review scores.

One of my favorite RPG games (well worth 50 bucks)

And this is one of the least favorite RPG games and One of the worst combat gameplay mechanics i have ever played(wasted money)

I played both games for many hours.

So tell me. After this do you think i give a crap about " collection of review scores"

Even the "stock in a collection of reviews" did not help to tell which game i prefer. So again scores and metacritic are useless. Fanboys like you use them (mine is bigger than yours) and people who know nothing about video games in general. "hey looks that game got so many high scores lets buy it herp derp."

Gamers who played games for many generation don't need journalists opinion scores to tell them which game to buy.

Riderz13371516d ago

@timotim, are you reading the same article as I am? Driveclub scored higher than FH2 from this website, Quarter to Three. Keep on topic please.

InTheLab1516d ago

I'm inclined to believe this is a troll review but you don't need to bash Driveclub and prop up Forza Horizon because you sound just as bad as the good trolls at quarter to three.

You fallen for their trap. This is exactly the type of reaction they're looking for. They are not pro Sony or MS or Nintendo but anti-gamer as well as a cancerous tumor stuck on the gaming industry.

generic-user-name1516d ago

You're calling this site bias towards Sony? These are the guys who gave The Last of Us a 6/10, the lowest score tlou got on metacritic.

Spotie1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Website and reviewer are trash, but I can't figure out how I've won all these races on a barely functioning game.

Oh, wait. It's yet another Xbox fanboy talking BS about Drive Club. I swear, for you all to claim the XB1 has all these games, you sure do spend a helluva lot of time in Playstation game articles.

Edit: I was talking about bleedsoe, smart guy. Pays to have reading comprehension, though maybe not, seeing how uncommon it is around here. Ignorance seems to be contagious among Xbox fans.

SnackAttacker1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

Xbox fanboy huh? Is that why they rated Forza even lower? Go away Spotie, nobody cares about your excuses and tears.

Give_me_head_strong1516d ago

@Bledsoe9mm- I fully agree, and even though you're comment was valid, so many people disagreed with you. These people are idiots.

ThatOneGuyThere1515d ago

he could use an editor..but actually, his review of FH2 is pretty much exactly how I felt about FH1. His review of driveclub is spot on as well. I think I like this site.

coolbeans1515d ago

While I'm not sure how much this'll change your mind on the situation, keep in mind that his scores are reflective of the template Netflix uses. To translate:

-He hated his experience with Forza Horizon 2

-He liked his (current) experience with Driveclub

That's all there is to it.

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yewles11516d ago

"You get attached to your Honda Civic and you pour money and upgrades into it and pretty soon it might as well be a Maserati because it performs just like one."

...........WHAT??? WHAT KIND OF METAPHOR--??? DO I 'EVEN'--???

Software_Lover1516d ago

The insurance must be high on that Civic, because I'm sure he has the only one in existence that is that powerful.

Torque_CS_Lewith1516d ago

The guy talks about being blacklisted by Sony. Maybe MS blacklisted him too, hence the scores for both Halo 4 and FH 2

qwerty6761516d ago

this site has lost all credibility in my eyes,

all they're doing is pushing out review scores for the "shock" effect getting people angry and riled up giving their review articles more traffic.

im surprised you guys dont realize this?

Give_me_head_strong1516d ago

Quarter to Three is owned by Sony fanboys, I never read their biased BS anymore.

DigitalRaptor1516d ago

You: " These people are idiots."

And yet you think QT3 is a Sony fanboy site. Wow… just wow.

CernaML1516d ago

Sony fanboys eh?

That explains why they gave TLOU a 3/5.