Minecraft PlayStation Vita Edition: The Port Report

The promise of Minecraft on Sony’s fledgling handheld has been hanging over our heads for many, many months. It’s hit everything from the PlayStation 4 to the iPhone, but it didn’t reach the Vita until this week. First and foremost, this is not a cut and paste version of the mobile edition found on our various smartphones. The Minecraft presented in the Vita Edition is the full game.

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Morpheuzpr1519d ago

I wonder, why they didn't make it so that ps3 players can join Vita players online?

Darkwatchman1519d ago

Ha. With the vita's frame rate as it is now, letting ps3 players join would make the damn handheld self destruct.

belac091519d ago

its amazing. it is the best handheld port of the game yet. its freaking huge!

jamstorr861519d ago

I found it disappointing. The performance of the game is not up to scratch. Frame rate dips and pauses really hurt the player experience. I hope the patch to resolve

Darkwatchman1519d ago (Edited 1519d ago )

The frame rate is so bad. It's not quite unplayable, but it's unpleasant and after coming off the huge worlds of the ps4 version, the tiny world size(only one map) in addition to the horrible frame rate just makes it even worse. The draw distance sucks too.

mixelon1518d ago

.. It compares very favourably to the PS3 version. The load times are much better too.

People expecting it to compete with the ps4 version? Crazy.

.. What's a bit of a shame is the mobile versions have "infinite" maps already.. The ps4/X1 version at least should get that.