PlayStation Universe: The Evil Within PS4 Review: a love letter to survival horror fans

"The Evil Within isn't without some glaring shortcomings, but overall, this is survival horror at its most brutally rewarding. A triumphant return for Shinji Mikami."

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TheOpenWorlder1490d ago

...A love letter to horror fans? Are you kidding me.

Thomaticus1490d ago

I'm not going to lie; that line made me want to go out and buy the game. It was a good line.....

Monstar1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

"this is survival horror at its most brutally rewarding. A triumphant return for Shinji Mikami"

LMFAO...gtfo. It's one of the worst designed survival horror games that i can remember. From the horrid weak recycled RE4 A.I, horrid enemy designs, laughable story, poor animations, broken combat, laughable upgrade system, boring protagonist, shocking camera, collecting green goo, too many unexplained moments, overuse of blood due to the lack of scare-factor...i could go on.

How did shinji go from RE4 to this?

Evil Within is influenced by many different games/ideas...yet manages to fuk it all up, it just doesn't know what it wants to be and just throws it all together because its what one would consider scary..without much thought. "hey look, it doesn't have to make sense, it's just disgusting OK?"


Agent20091490d ago

At least one who is not kissing Mikami's overrated ass.

Man_Marmalade1490d ago

Does that mean you liked those crap games that are RE: 5 and 6?

Jason_Plays_PC1490d ago

I just hate all the cheap deaths in this game so many sillys needless deaths can be fustrating, im talking about areas with traps everywhere and then suicide zombies and randomly zombies pulling out guns and shooting you.

SuperBlunt1490d ago

Lol while youre being a dildo talking crap about this game on the internet im over here highly enjoying it. Only reason as to why im replying is because im waiting for my garbage ps golds to recharge. Please though explain what in the name of christ you mean by "shocking camera". Oh wait...youre one of those butthurt pc guys who are having a stroke because your rig cant handle this games unoptimized engine. I give your comment a 4/10 banned from neogaf

Monstar1490d ago

cant handle someone elses opinion? Only butthurt person is you. and ON the internet... wtf are you doing right now? and where else will i be sharing my opinion about the

As far as shocking camera goes, the aiming (with a weapon) in the game has the player zoomed right in to where it's almost a FPS view (not over the shoulder) and it changes when you go back and forth within the hospital upgrading/save room and the main story. Also, when he opens doors...he covers the view almost completely and is plain annoying. BTW i only have the PS4 version.

done crying?

Akuma2K1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

Mikami really missed the mark with Evil Within, needs to go back to the drawing board when it comes to true survival horror.

The survival horror genre score in this next gen...

Evil Within 0

Alien Isolation 1

Monstar1490d ago (Edited 1490d ago )

The Last of US showed us how a 3rd person survival game should have evolved too. (despite being less of a horror game) from stealth to crafting/combat and even A.I, etc.

Evil within plays like a poor mans broken The Last of Us. its hilarious.

SuperBlunt1490d ago

Lol you are a very bitter individual.

Remy_S1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

I really like the game so far, but I find it ridiculous that even with its low grade graphics and black bars coving the screen, it still can't manage a solid framerate. Hopefully they update this flaw to an otherwise excellent game.

Smokingunz1489d ago

Really good game, I have so much fun playing it. Its not perfect and the camera and the melee system good use a tune up, but other that it is a really good game. This game is a silent hill and resident evil mixed together. It feels and plays like resident evil 4.

Even though there is always room for improvement, anybody on the fence should get it its worth buying and is a good game.I havent finished it yet to give it a score but for now I'll give it an 8.