Are Sports Games Headed Downhill?

What's there to say about sports video games that haven't already been said? They've become a way to play with our favorite stars, re-create history or create our own fantasies. They're a way to hone our skills on the field, whether it's keeping LeBron James' shot in NBA 2K on your TV in loop as you attempt to mimic it, or attempting to format like your batting stance like Mike Trout's for when you step into the batting box.

Above all that, they're fun. Years ago, you had to go outside and actually play the game while mimicking your favorite players, but now, all you have to do is turn on a video game console - instead of standing in your backyard trying to imitate Peyton Manning's throwing motion, you can play as him and get him that second Super Bowl ring.

But, not all is well in the universe of sports gaming. Games in recent years have been criticized for everything from not being realistic enough to being just '60 dollar roster updates.' This, even after the launch of the Playstation 4 and the Xbox One last fall; by now, every major sport has released a game on these consoles, and we're still hearing complaints and issues.

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DEEBO1495d ago

Madden,UFC and NBA2K 15 are great don't know what's you're problem.

1495d ago
ashen1221495d ago

MLB the show ( if you like baseball ) is good

JMaine5181495d ago

Nope this was the first time in years where I had a MLB, NFL AND NBA game. So I think it's on the up and up!

ab5olut10n1495d ago

Fight Night is still pretty dope

1495d ago
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