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GameTrailers: 5 New Left 4 Dead Videos

GameTrailers has just released 5 new videos of Left 4 Dead. The descriptions are as Follows.

EA3 Cam Painkillers Gameplay HD - The zombie hordes are attacking - quick, take some.

EA3 Cam Scale and Survive Gameplay HD - Go for the high ground, but don't forget to breath

EA3 Cam Subway Salvation Gameplay - Skip the turnstile and make a break for daylight.

EA3 Cam Tongue Torture Gameplay - These zombies don't floss.

EA3 Cam Street Survival Gameplay - Take back the streets from these undead punks. (Left 4 Dead, PC, Xbox 360)

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HighDefinition  +   2711d ago
If I do decided to get a 360 again....
It`ll be for this game.

I love ZOMBIE games!

And ALL of those videos looked like fun to be had.
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Cartesian3D  +   2711d ago
right now..
there isnt any reason to buy 360 for PC games..

with HD 4850 (199$) or 9800GTX+ (229$) u can run any PC game with High details and Full HD resolution..

BTW Im really impressed .. I dont like zombie games (except Resident evil 2 & 4 ) but this one looks promising.
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2711d ago
Unless you don't want to sit hunched over a keyboard and mouse and on a monitor. I work on a PC all day long there is no way I want to spend my gaming time on one as well.

Then there is achievements and the fact that I can be connected to Live and all my friends.

I'd rather not game than PC game.
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CViper  +   2711d ago
@ Crab.. its 2008... most modern tvs you can input your pc over to.
I and many other people play my pc games in the media room, on a 116" projection from my couch with kb/mouse or the 360 controller. Maybe everyone doesn't have an HD projector. But im sure most technogeeks have it hooked up to their tv's.

Lets stop pretending you have to be hunched over a tiny screen to play PC games. Can we do that? Sure. Broke gamers are doing that, but broke gamers also cant afford big HDTV's that make playing games worth it either. So it can go both ways.

The truth is you can play these 360 ports of games on computers with lower requirements and play them at higher native resolution + texture quality than the console counterparts. Hl2 on my 5 year old PC with everything max still looks better than the Orange box.

Im just saying, dont try to knock pc gaming when its arguably a superior experience. Thanks to developers making games dumbed down on the platforms, we don't have to do any massive upgrades until we want to play games like Crysis or Stalker. So technically I didn't have to upgrade my PC for Gears/COD4/Bioshock. I did because I wanted to play Crysis. But you can get by just playing the 360/PC multiplats with lower spec machines, like many have and still do. Crysis was so ahead of its time, I doubt anyone will be toping it any time soon as far as upgrade needed for video cards.

And I hope that you aren't pretending that paying for live is superior to PC free online & Communities. I really hope you aren't...
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dachiefsman  +   2711d ago
wow put my comp on my tv <50 in samsung> and thought it sucked!

360 is more convenient and user friendly for ME when playing FPS's.
IdleLeeSiuLung  +   2711d ago
@cviper &amp; cartesian3d:
Not all games that are on the 360 come on the PC. I don't have to give you exampels do I...? Besides, the console experience is different than PC.

I completely stopped gaming on my PC because of the hefty upgrades cost and reserve it mostly for rts. My 360 puts out superior graphics to my PC bought last year at $1000+. Granted I didn't spend $300 for my graphics card, but why spend $300 on a graphcis card when I can get a separate unit, PS3 or 360 for $400 or less.
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TheMART  +   2711d ago
@ Cartesian3D

Yes there is. Besides games that also come to the PC there are exclusives worth playing.

Not only that, even those games that do come to the PC, being console exclusive on the 360, mostly are a year old when they arrive on PC.

I love to play fresh new stuff. Not games that are a year old (like Gears came a year after the 360 version).

Plus: the 360 has Xbox Live. The social only community like no other integrated unified friendlist. Live on PC isn't like XBL and PS3 certainly doesn't have the same futures (don't start talking about future upgrades, I've heard about them already for 1.5 years. Don't get PS3 fans tired of those ever ongoing delays?)
GiantEnemyCrab  +   2711d ago
CViper fair enough. However, I do not keep a PC in my living room and my girlfriend would not have a PC in that space. The 360 is much more convienent and even with a 360 pad I do not want to mess with a PC when I want to play a game. Superior graphics aren't not enough for me to go thru the hassle of PC gaming.

My response was directed at Cartasien3D who said

"right now..
there isnt any reason to buy 360 for PC games.. "

To which I answer bullsh!t and listed the reasons and continue to do so in this post. For some reason PC gamers think that because a game can be run at a higher resolution that it is the end all and be all of gaming and like he said there is no reason to buy a 360. Which is not correct because there are several factors to consider.

On the Live thing.. pretending?? Umm, no. I really hope you don't think that one size fits all do you? Live is superior to me because all of my friends are on it and we stay connected. I supposed you can do this on the PC as well, but my friends aren't on a PC. Xbox Live makes online gaming easy and that is what I want.

Please don't degrade this converstation into a 360 vs PC p*ssing match. Because what you find the best and works great for you doesn't necessarily for me.
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kewlkat007  +   2711d ago
Whoa I think I'am getting this game.....
that sh^t looks like it's lots of fun. Nothing better than Zombie games.....

cO-Op as well..
mikeslemonade  +   2711d ago
I'm tired of games that get a easy pass just because it's either a sandbox game or a zombie game. Watch this game get 9s even though it's really a 6. Once again this games prooves that the 360 graphics have reached its limit.
Doppy  +   2711d ago
I love everything about this game except the constant yeelling of "reloading". It reminds me of those arcade games wher it yells "reload, reload".
Bolts  +   2711d ago
Its obvious.
Just by watching these vids its obvious to see which platform this game is made for. Its the PC. The action is frantic and the zombies will be rushing you in huge numbers. When headshots count, I would rather use a mouse for quick and precise aiming than a clumsy pad.

As an added bonus this game will look easily twice as good and run over 60 FPS at full 1080p with all the goodies turned on. There are some games you buy for the Xbox and there are some games you buy for PC. This is one those games that should be bought for the PC.
green  +   2711d ago
Very very impressive.A FPS that is actually doing something different.
Aclay  +   2711d ago
What the heck is this FPS doing different? To me Left4Dead is just another generic looking FPS and your just shooting a bunch of BRAINLESS Zombies for Christs sake. It would be different if the Zombies actually had guns or something.... No wonder the Xbox 360 is only popular in the U.S. and some parts of the U.K.
Bombomb  +   2711d ago
haha as always trolling
shouldn't you be playing metal gear solid or something...

if the ps3 was getting this game youd be in a better mood im sure.

so predictible u fanboys
PeeboDaKilla  +   2711d ago
lol. yes, you're right..what kind of zombie is brainless?? Everybody knows that all zombies are harvard-educated MENSA geniuses with a living impediment.
If they were trying to re-invent the 'zombie wheel' then they fail. But they're not.
I think what they're trying to do is create a 'zombie-movie' experience that you can share with your friends via co-op. And IMO, I think they're doing that.
bigmoney617  +   2711d ago
AclayPS3 your like one of them zombies foaming at the mouth running, over to this thread to downplay and hate &quot;bunch of BRAINLESS Zombies f...
you don't realize how dumb and idiodic you sound....

damn trolls..give me a shotty

maybe zombies should have brains for gods sakes.. then we can replace them with real humans.
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Superfragilistic  +   2711d ago

Agree. The survival element, intensity and coop dependency will set this apart from other FPS. The fact I can play as a zombie to screw other gamers progress is even better and more sadistic! lol

It's nice to see a game that's been floating under the radar, albeit with great press, to finally get some much needed attention. Outside of Gears 2 & Resistance 2 and Battlfield: Bad Company this will be the only other shooter I'll buy this year. Unless Treyach pulls of a miracle with COD5! lol ;)

Oh and it's a Valve title. Enough said. :)
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Snoozer282  +   2711d ago
Looks ace. Roll on November.
Xi  +   2711d ago
this director feature is neat.
I can't wait, it'll really keep me on my toes.

Plus, the xbox version is being done by certain affinity, founded by former bungie developers.
TheIneffableBob  +   2711d ago
I'm pre-ordering this the moment it pops up on Steam.

Left 4 Dead is one of my most anticipated games this year. Everything about it just looks polished, smooth, and most importantly, fun.
mintaro  +   2711d ago
Defenitley getting this, looks really good from what I've seen
fredy  +   2711d ago
so this is for pc/xbox 360 only?
power of Green  +   2711d ago
I think you mean there is no reason for *you* to buy a 360. I'll be enjoying this on my new 1080p 42" Hitachi hooked up to my Yamaha AV reciever with my Bic Venturi(Center), Aperion Intimus(left and right) and Bose(left and right and surround) speakers hooked up.

You speak as if you are punishing MSFT by not buying the 360 yet you're going to play this how?.

This game is going to be good love the AI and the frantic speed that can change on a dime from slow to in your face.

Your assumption that people care if folks can play this on PC is overrated its like saying I'm going to play Mario galaxy or Smash bros on the PC if they were on PC. lol
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Cerbus  +   2711d ago
Sorry for you.
To bad all 360 games are upscaled and not true HD.
TheXgamerLive  +   2711d ago
Too bad all your wannabe ps3 games are sub par compared to the Xbox 360.
Ok? Enough of the crap already, your a joke.
power of Green  +   2711d ago
Kind of child-like response most 360 games are 720p native its the PS3 that has more games being upscaled beyond there sub HD native res. Each console has a few native 1080p games.
Cerbus  +   2711d ago
Sorry to inform you.
But no 360 are native 720p all 360 games display HD via UPSCALE. And i agree with ps3 having most games upscaled but not to the extent the 360 has.
TheMART  +   2711d ago
@ Cerbus

Don't talk bullshit, almost all 360 games are 720p native.

You even know that the XBOX 1 could do 720p native while the PS2 couldn't?

On the other hand:

GTAIV on the PS3 is in 640p
while GTAIV on 360 does 720p
TheXgamerLive  +   2711d ago
I'm loving this too but I gotta say
The guy that's playing this game "ZUCKS".
Cerbus  +   2711d ago
Then it's a good thing I'm a PC gamer. Go home little one you just ownd your self.
pumpkinpunker  +   2711d ago
yeah i know
total spray and pray and he doesn't help his teammates out. at some points he just runs into a room starts shooting then while being attacked remembers that he has to reload when he should have reloaded before he ran into the room like an idiot.

all I have to say to whoever made these videos: "l2play, nub!"
Quicksilva  +   2711d ago
I don't know..
Whether to absolutely to love what I am seeing or hate it...

It looks like there is a lot of action which is good, but I doubt the game will be scary at all since it doesn't seem to have any suspence just a non stop barrage of zombies of which to decimate. Good or Bad, can't devide :SSSS
InMyOpinion  +   2711d ago
Let the bodies hit the floor. =)
zethos56  +   2711d ago
Looks awesome
But the dude in the 4th vid is horrible! He just lets his teammate get owned by the hunter.

I hope they show some Boss videos soon. I want to see what it's like to attack the survivors.
Cartesian3D  +   2711d ago
your are right.. but in 2008 we have :

WINDOWS LIVE service: you can use XBOX360 controler for your pc via USB , Cross platform for these games ( like shadow run!? I think ) ..
any HDTV , I repeat , ANY HD TV has a RGB input you can use your TV as monitor.. etc

the only reason u've got is Your friends , if the game doesnt have cross platform service YOU are right..but wait a minute, we talk about a person without a 360 so probably he doesnt have many friends with 360 , otherwise he will buy one without any other reason..

and I think "Highdefinition" dont want this feature because he already doesnt have 360 too.

BTW its a FPS game.. may be its just my opinion.. but Mouse and Keyboard is the best thing to AIM for an FPS game or even TPS..

EDIT : @mart .. you are right dude.. but I said a Person without 360 in 2008 .. for sure you like XboX live because you have many friends there( I think ) , and about one year old games you are right.. people wants to play online and after one year nobody play that game , but this game will be on PC and 360 in the same time.
@Power of Green: did I ask you what do you have in your room? and why did u buy a hitachi panel?
plasma : 1- Pioneer Kuro(Pure Absolute black) 2-panasonic
LCD : 1-SONY(3LED backlit tech comming this fall) 2-Samsung(LED backlit displays)
:D .. its just my opinion
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GameDreamer  +   2711d ago
The person who was playing in the first video was an idiot, haha.

Anyhow, Left 4 Dead looks absolutely fantastic. I'm so pumped for this game!
pumpkinpunker  +   2711d ago
i am mad excited about this game
4 player coop
no two games the same
tons of zombies
cool sounding music
you can either play a human or zombie

what is there not to love?
Boldy  +   2711d ago
I love how it gives you that, "You have been vomited on" notification, but you can't read it because hey "You have been vomited on."
deno  +   2711d ago
This game is going to be a major hit. I plan on purchasing xbox live for this game and that is carved in stone.
REDZEV  +   2711d ago
You can look but not touch
Hope the sony fanboys like the trailers because this game isnt coming for PS3. Thats a damb shame :(

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