Sony's Scott Rhode talks PlayStation Experience reveals, Bloodborne's graphics and Until Dawn

Sony's Scott Rhode teases what to expect from the PlayStation Experience reveals and talks a little bit about Bloodborne's graphics and Until Dawn's branching story.

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DarkOcelet1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

He mentioned Mass Effect . Hmmm is he teasing that it might be that 3rd party exclusive ? He said {pretty geeked } usually a geek means a nerd and a nerd who loves sci fi and weird stuff . Or maybe i think too much . Either way its gonna be something big it seems . And honestly Mass Effect is a world i want to live in .

scark921492d ago

Interesting, that would defo cause alot of controversy, this exclusive game is getting exciting, I love guessing!

Jaqen_Hghar1492d ago

It would be roughly the same situation as Tomb Raider too because the franchise started as an exclusive on the other system (even though a man guesses it's technically a timed exclusive since ME1 came over in the collection)

meekaalz1492d ago

Good shout, although I can see myself getting hyped for something like the new ME time exclusive and we end up getting ME collection exclusive instead... Actually that would still be pretty awesome.

RedDevils1491d ago

ME collection in full HD glory lol

guyman1492d ago

Nah, there is no way Mass effect will be an exclusive to any platform because it is fully published by EA, and will always put their games on most platforms. Certainly the leading one's

DarkOcelet1492d ago

Well , Mass Effect was timed exclusive when it was released so it might be the same thing here . We wont know until its announced .
Here is my guesses .
Silent Hills , Dino Crisis Reboot , Agent or a R* game , Just Cause 3 ,Mass Effect 4 .

starchild1492d ago

That was because Mass Effect was published by Microsoft and Bioware wasn't owned by EA back then.

Anyway, I certainly hope Sony doesn't buy exclusivity to some established franchise. If they do I'll be just as upset as when Microsoft bought exclusivity (timed) to Tomb Raider. These companies need to stick to building their own studios and games, not buying up established studios or franchises.

ABizzel11492d ago


I agree in most cases, but even EA will cave in if there's money to be made (TitanFall), but I seriously doubt it'll happen here.

Sony isn't about getting established franchises as timed exclusive on their console. They want brand new IP's.

Jughead34161492d ago

Their big new game announcement is rumored to be exciting as well as create some "rage." Sounds like possibly a once multiplatform or former XBOX exclusive becoming Sony exclusive. Fallout 4, Mass Effect, Red Dead Redemption 2, or maybe Gears of War had second It was rumored for a while

Protoss1492d ago

Gears of war is owned by Microsoft. That's the equivalent of saying Xbox will get Uncharted, TLOU or Killzone lol (all of which are property of Sony...).

But the other three you mentioned -- I'd be pretty pissed for sure ^_^

Jughead34161492d ago

I know Gears is owned by Microsoft now. C'mon man, it was just a joke. lol. I am wondering what could cause rage among gamers though.I hope it's not something like Titanfall 2 or something no one would really care about.

Protoss1492d ago

Eh I don't think it'll be Titanfall 2, I actually hope that's on both consoles so PS bros can experience it as well! Titanfall is great fun, people that say otherwise have an odd opinion or just hate it for the sake of hating.

Ausbo1492d ago

If fallout 4 is exclusive to any system I will throw a fit.

extermin8or1491d ago

It wont be fallout 4 that's never happening. Mass Effect is possible and tbh after MS's move with Tomb Raider it would serve them right to lose something originally known for being on xbox however the players are the casualty's in this war but I can't see sony paying for it. Personally I think it's Agent...

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Yetter1491d ago

If its a new Mass Effect then yeah that would stir some controversy. If its a collectors edition then its not gonna be a very big deal.

colonel1791491d ago

"He mentioned Mass Effect . Hmmm is he teasing that it might be that 3rd party exclusive ?"

Dude, that's taking it way out of context. That right there is how rumors get started.

DarkLord10031491d ago

According to your logic TWD would also go Sony-Exclusive

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Rimgal1492d ago

Maybe it's a Capcom game. Resident Evil 7 perhaps.

Jaqen_Hghar1492d ago

well any third party is fair game now that they have double the install base. It's a lot easier to work out a deal when you're asking them to give up a third of their potential customers rather than 2/3

CaitSith1492d ago

Or maybe the game that Yoshinori Ono is making! The PS4 exclusive everyone thought was going to show up at TGS 2014, but didn't? It has to be!

CaitSith1492d ago (Edited 1492d ago )

Calling it: either Resident Evil 7 OR Dragon's Dogma 2!

I think it's Resident Evil 7 though, because remember how one of the Tweeters said that, upon seeing the game, they couldn't 'close their eyes' anymore? Man...

ABizzel11492d ago

I think this is a much better prediction. I assume this big 3rd person game is going to be a Japanese developer game. PS is the only console that sells in Japan and has the hardware to handle a complete next-gen demanding title like RE7.

Rimgal1492d ago

Or in a perfect world they announce a sequel to Chrono Trigger.

A man can dream.

lomion51491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

oh dude, no Chrono Cross love?

CervantesPR11492d ago

That tease tho "showing stuff they probably shouldnt show" O_o

Jughead34161492d ago

Yea, that's exciting to think about. Maybe their going to show some Uncharted 4 gameplay. I wish that these game companies would get a little less strict with their NDAs and show us some real footage of what's to come. Not just teaser trailers

Muzikguy1492d ago

I so wish I could go to that event

sprinterboy1492d ago

Don't know why butvi get the impression it might be gears of war remaster edition

GameDev11492d ago

Do you understand the concept of first party games where the company owns the IP?

Jaqen_Hghar1492d ago

A man doesn't know why but he gets the feeling that's not it...oh wait he does know why it's because the Gears IP is owned by MS. Sorry but it can't possibly be that.

nucky641492d ago

no to gears remaster.....give me a DEMON SOULS remaster!!

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