Level-5's Desire to be "like Disney" Could Further Show Japanese Gaming Decline

Hardcore Gamer discusses whether Level-5's desire to be more "Like Disney" is good for Japanese gaming, or not.

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ritsuka6661519d ago

Please no Dysney sucks and are jealous of japanese movies.

Mikefizzled1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

That is a wildly inaccurate thing to say. Why would Disney be jealous? They are plowing out Marvel films, Star Wars films and their traditional animated films. Making obscenely large amounts of money without a great deal of risk. Opposite of Japan right now.

ritsuka6661518d ago

Why would Disney be jealous?''

You are not watch the Lion King , right? it's just a rip off of Kimba the White Lion of japanese movies.

3-4-51518d ago

Level-5.....Remember when you had good games like Dragon Quest 8, Dragon Quest 9, Jeanne D arc ????

MrSwankSinatra1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

"but a company wouldn’t look to expand outside of what’s historically allowed it to make money, if it felt like it could continue to flourish in its current market."

So I guess when Square was on top of the world and decided to open up a movie studio in 1997, the market at that time obviously wasn't sustainable? This article is stupid because it tries to connect one unrelated instance to another and say that Japanese gaming is declining. Entering new market's doesn't mean that one is declining, it's called expansion something every big company does or attempts. Some are successful while others aren't.

While Japanese gaming has declined, that doesn't mean that it's declined so much that companies can't sustain their business.

ValKilmer1518d ago

I remember the days when Disney was trying to be like Japan.

zero_gamer1518d ago (Edited 1518d ago )

Level 5 is one of my favorite developers and it would suck for them if they stoop to the level of wanting to be something different than Level 5.

Knushwood Butt1518d ago

Youkai Watch may be selling millions of copies but I have zero interest in playing it.

breakpad1518d ago

no this would be a disaster for a Japanese art company...the hypocrisy in Disney it is ridiculous with censorship on violence and all these stuff ..Japan artists must not at any cost try to imitate (the far inferior) western logic and art direction on films and games IMO

dcj05241518d ago

Um, everything is subjective.