Destiny Review [The Reticule]

A month after launch, Chris Evans from The Reticule gets around to writing his review of Destiny. Why did he wait so long? Something to do with Destiny being an MMO, and all MMOs needing time to bed in before people can deliver a true verdict. This is his review.

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KrisButtar1490d ago

Destiny was all hype nothing more. Maybe in a few years the game maybe with a 5/5 but certainly not now.

The game lacks story, very few character creation selections, no chat system what so ever in the tower and all you can do is wave or dance at other players. No trading. invisible walls, out of bounds deaths. I would at best give this game a 3/5.

OmegaShen1489d ago

Some body is upset they aren't good at this game.

Bimkoblerutso1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

You're not going to find many gamers out there, even fans of the game, that won't admit that Destiny has quite a few problems. Even a month after it's release, it's still not much more than a beautiful shooter with solid but dated mechanics.

PlayableGamez1489d ago

-Story was terrible
-Multiplayer is for casual COD dude bros
-Grinding is ridiculous
-On disc DLC
-Broken Loot system
-Always online
-Terrible Social Features
-No trading
....shall I go on?

averagejoe261489d ago

*in your opinion

Multiplayer is great and I hate call of duty

They've already explained why you can't trade and I completely agree with the reasoning

You have no idea that there is on disc dlc, that's purely rumor

Good try tho, dude bro

OmegaShen1489d ago

Broken loot system? Wow, now I know your trolling.

KrisButtar1489d ago

I like the game. There is just too much wrong with the game to give it a "perfect score", unless you fall for the hype.

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PlayableGamez1489d ago

You don't get any rewards from defeating a boss in the raids, and you tell me that is not a huge flaw in the loot system? You have to literally farm in basements, and caves to get good loot, and that is not a huge flaw?

If Destiny has a flawless loot system, then I don't know what a broken piece of crap of a loot system is.

OmegaShen1489d ago (Edited 1489d ago )

Your luck must be bad, I been getting raid armor and weapons.

Plus you are lying, you get shards or something to when beating a raid or the boss.


You got the lameness reason why people enjoy Destiny, "its because the hype". Heaven forbidden its because they just enjoy it you troll.

objdadon1489d ago

You just don't know how it's meant to be played or it's not your type of game. That's fine, but the millions of us who enjoy it are having a blast of gamer paradise!

KrisButtar1489d ago

Anyone who reviews this game and gives it a perfect score has fallen for the hype. My comment wouldn't be bias if they had given it a 8 or something but to give it a perfect score with all its flaws is ridiculous. I had fun when I played Destiny but even I can see the massive amount of flaws which is why I would give it a lower score.

n4rc1489d ago

Ya wtf.. 5/5 is perfect

There is no way in hell this game deserves a score like that..

Its flawed but fun... I enjoy it and have sunk many hours into it and look forward to the December dlc. But cmon.. 4/5 at best

joab7771489d ago

Yeah...I love it and I will keep playing. Finally hit 30, but it has suffered from many initial mmo launch issues. 4/5. It may become an epic game...not yet though.

Jihaad_cpt1489d ago

You can't possibly believe that that indicates it's "perfect" it means that they really enjoy it. Otherwise it would be fair to say that no game can get a "perfect score"

n4rc1489d ago

Yes that's exactly it..

You can get away with a perfect score with a couple minor things.. But it should be reserved for very select games.. Destiny not being one of then.. Way too many big issues to ever qualify..

If perfect scores just mean your ignoring anything wrong and being opinionated, then your review is literally pointless.. Lol

Even basing a review on a simple whole number out of 5 scale is incredibly inaccurate IMO.. The point of reviewing a game is to grade it amongst its peers and inform readers..

If 500 games a year get the exact same score, what's the point really?

/end early morning rant that's not really directed at anybody lol

Pinkdolphinyfg1489d ago

This game is extremely far from perfect.

averagejoe261489d ago

Agreed. I love this game but very far from perfect.

Findingcrybabies1489d ago either fanboys or idiots. moving along.

inf3cted11489d ago

The only 5/5 that exists in this game was the hype level and the advertising

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