Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward Announced, Release In Spring 2015

Square Enix just revealed the first expansion for Final Fantasy XIV during Fan Fest. It will release in 2015.

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Snookies121494d ago

Man with all the free content they've added since launch, can't imagine all the good stuff that will come with a paid expansion. SE is doing the MMO genre right.

George Sears1494d ago

They have redeemed themselves from past mistakes with there PC release.

vishmarx1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

its insane 5 expansion updates are not one paid.
and every one has had pretty sizeable content.
cant wait for the new shiva gear, and heavenward seems to indicate we'll finally get to fight bahamut in some form.
i want it be like a multi stage raid that lasts over several parties(like ur dragon in dragon's dogma but with 24 members)
imagine the new armor and decorations lol

Jubez1871493d ago

technically the patches aren't free seeing as you paid a monthly sub which was reinvested into the game to make the stuff. but yea, it's still a lot of content for 12 a month

SMcNu7151493d ago


Actually, I think you fight Bahamut in the final coil of Bahamut. Which is due out next month.

My FC is currently tackling the second coil and that shit is no joke lol!

Jubez1871493d ago

It's been confirmed that the expansion is as big as the main release was

Spenok1493d ago

Wait WHAAAAAT!? Where did you see that?

Magicite1493d ago

This is why sub based MMO is better than f2p. You get new content constantly.

Spenok1493d ago

True enough, though this is a paid expansion. Paid > F2P ANY day.

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MeteorPanda1493d ago

To Ishgard and beyond!

60 cap and rumours of a dark knight class <3

l'm so into this mmo it's not even funny o_O

SMcNu7151493d ago

Yea me too! It's becoming a bit of a problem lol!