Project Spark Review - Mouse n Joypad

Johnny writes -"I have now spent a fair bit of time in and about the systems of Project Spark, I was a Beta tester and have been dabbling in the system since launch, so I guess it’s time for me to tell you what I think of it. Project Spark has been in the beta phase for a while now as Team Dakota and Microsoft tested how the community went about working in the intuitive environment that surrounds you in the game. In fact I would not call Project Spark a game as such, but an engine for you to create games, much like Unreal or Unity. We can all still hear echoes of Microsoft’s promise to make every Xbox user a developer, or rather make every Xbox a development kit, well project Spark is a development kit. Maybe a rudimentary one in certain ways but a development kit made for the masses, one that can have you creating your own games in under an hour, with many options for you to get as creative and imaginative as you wish, depending on how much money or micro-transactions you are willing to spend. We all know nothing is free, and although Project Spark is free to a certain degree, to get the most from the available props, characters and environments, you will need to spend some cash."

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Foehammer1520d ago

Another solid score

This looking like it will do well.

Cueil1520d ago

You also do NOT need to spend cash you can spend XP

born_naughty1518d ago

which you buy with money? ;-)

Cueil1518d ago

no... you earn through building... it's XP the gold bars are what you purchase with cash

born_naughty1518d ago

I was only joking Cueil.
You mean through building your own levels? I have no interest in doing that. If I just want to play levels other people created, do I have to pay then?
I know I should just start Project Spark and find out for myself but I don't game a lot anymore. Just want to know if it's worth my time.

MousenJoypad1517d ago

Cueil, we did say to get the most out of the available assets you should be prepared to spend some cash. Yes you can use XP, but to acquire it is slow and unless you have the time to get 40,000 points then spending some cash is what you will do. And born_naughty, you can just load it up and play other peoples games you don't have to pay for that