PS4 Remote Play May Save Sony’s Mobiles

Since splitting from Eriksson, Sony’s mobile division has been fairing much better, releasing some very good contenders on to the market. Sony’s Xperia Z line in particular has improved in every iteration, proving to be affordable, yet featureful when compared to equivalent models from rivals. However, Sony has pushed it’s ‘One Sony’ message even further in the latest version of their flagship phone, announcing that the phone will get PS4 remote play functionality in November. Although this remote play is not as fully featured as the PlayStation Vita’s, it’s expected that most titles will work with the phone, and the ability to dock it your controller means the controls will be 1-to-1 as opposed to the Vita, where the R2/L2 buttons are often substituted with awkward touch controls.

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Abash1490d ago

I have been playing Dribeclub with remote play and its so damn fun. I seriously love the feature, I use it always when I want a quick gaming session as I am heading to bed or when I have to want to watch TV and play a game at the same time haha

gaffyh1489d ago

I think the correct question is what is Dribeclub?

Mr Pumblechook1489d ago

Dribeclub? I consider myself knowledgable on gaming and haven't heard a whisper about this game. I must be losing it. :(

Chaostar1489d ago

Remote play is only available on Vita as of right now. The feature will come in a November (I believe) update to the Z3 devices.

breakpad1489d ago

probably it is Bribeclub ..a club were you r going in and get bribed be everyone very fun game

ramiuk11490d ago

its an amazing feature but whats annoyed me is the Z3 came out of knowhere,i bought the Z2 which is amazing phone and within less than 6 months the Z3 replaces it and offeres remote play.

it should be coming to the Z2 also or give people with Z2 a cheap upgrade to the Z3

ScottyHoss1489d ago

XDA developers, my friend. I feel your pain, bought a Z Ultra only to have 2 new phones come out within a year. Luckily, they're already working on a way to port it.

iamnsuperman1489d ago

I had that issue with the Xperia Z. Bought it and within a couple of months the Z1 came out which was infinitely better. Definitely waiting out my contract for this phone. Hell by then I might be on the Z5 :P

ramiuk11489d ago

my GF phone contract is ready for upgrade now,so im trying to convince her to have my z2 and i get a z3 .
i think she agreed because she loves the camera and quality of my Z2 but she cant get to grips with the back button being opersite to the samsung and the fact it has no buttons on front lol.

elazz1489d ago

It is confirmed by Sony that the Z2 and Z2 tablet will receive the remote play app and framework beside the Z3 series. It will launch in a few weeks from now

ThatOneGuyThere1489d ago

The answer for me: Tmobile Jump!. Get to upgrade every 6 months, which is right on schedule for Xperia Devices. Went from Z1, to Z1s, now I've ordered my Z3. :-D

sprinterboy1489d ago


It was confirmed yesterday that z2 will also get remote play update,but no release date fw update for it was mentioned, my guess is maybe Feb/March nxt yr

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ABizzel11490d ago

I don't think it'll save it, but it could give them more sales. It makes PS4 owners think twice about which phone they want to buy. The problem is that the Z3 isn't on a large amount of carriers, and most people don't want to pay $600 to get the unlocked version.

If they can get on AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, Cricket (it's becoming bigger in the states), and Wal-Mart (it's becoming big here too) then yes it could really help.

I've been on the fence about the Z3 and the Note 4, simply because of Remote Play.

LOGICWINS1489d ago

The Note 4 is a beast specwise, but I'm getting the Z3 IF the rumors of it coming to Sprint at a subsidized price are true. Sony phones have always had an elegance and durability to them that I enjoy.

To this day, the white Sony Ericsson Walkman phone I had in high school is the best phone I've ever owned. I would get compliments on it left and right. Since then, every other phone I've owned (from LG to Samsung) looks exactly the same with their cheap build quality.

LOGICWINS1489d ago

"PS4 Remote Play May Save Sony’s Mobiles"


It won't. You're assuming that gamers (who already own a PS4) are interested in spending $600 to play games they can ALREADY play on their PS4. Not to mention the inconvenience of having to lug around a controller.

Don't know what world you're living in, but the market of people who are willing to do this is SOOOO small that to say they will single handedly save Sony mobiles is laughable.

The Vita does remote play BETTER than the Z3. It's also a 3rd of the price of the Z3....and people still don't want it.

iamnsuperman1489d ago

I think the arguments boils down to which phone people get next not here is a device spend $600 on it (which is how the Vita was sold but obviously at a lesser price point). This feature might persuade users away from Nexus or Samsung devices as the phone appears to be fairly beasty spec wise (especially battery performance) and it connects with a popular device in a good way.

It is about persuading people who want to get a new phone to get the Z3. It isn't being pushed as the next handheld

LOGICWINS1489d ago

"It is about persuading people who want to get a new phone to get the Z3."

Yes, but that $600 price point is hard to ignore. I'd love to own the Z3. I'd be willing to pay $300 for it up front given the remote play feature that I know I will personally be using heavily. Still, I know that won't be enough to get the mainstream away from the Samsungs and Apples of the world.

Sony needs to advertise the hell out of it once (if) it actually finds its way onto Sprint in the U.S.

ThatOneGuyThere1489d ago

The reviews of the Z3 and Z3 compact are what will "save" Sony's mobiles. They're getting critic acclaim on a day by day basis. They straight MURDER every other phone in battery life. Their cameras are superior. They are Waterproof and dirt proof. And now, they have remote play.

crazysapertonight1489d ago

It is already avaliable on other smartphones...

ScottyHoss1489d ago

Do you have a link to that, man?

iamnsuperman1489d ago

Don't take my word for it (as I need to get round to trying this on my Xperia Z) but there seems to be a lot of talk on the XDA forums about this working http://www.xda-developers.c...

XDA is a god send

kaozgamer1489d ago


Even after installing that you still need to wait until they release the actual app on the play store

LOGICWINS1489d ago

I'd like that link as well.

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