Frontier Showcases Best Elite: Dangerous Community Images

The third version of the Beta for upcoming virtual reality (VR) compatible space simulation title Elite: Dangerous is fast approaching as Frontier Developments prepares to ship the full experience later in the year. With Beta 2 still going strong, the developer has encouraged players to send in some of their best screenshots taken directly from the title so far. A range of these shots from the past week can now be seen below.

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Emme1193d ago

The lighting seems a bit off in places (yellow sun, white rimlight ?).

Horseheadinthebed1193d ago

Loving the beta at the moment, this really is a must buy for pc owners....

Cernunnos1193d ago

Loving the beta too, I just hate the fact that is is impossible to play with friends at the moment. Needs a proper group function, where you see markers where your friends are in space. etc.

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