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"Castlevania: Dracula X occupies an interesting place in Castlevania lore. You may recall that Castlevania: Rondo of Blood was released for the Japan-exclusive PC Engine in 1993. That game featured branching paths (kind of like Dracula’s Curse), three characters to rescue, and the ability to play as one of the rescued characters (Maria Renard). Dracula X is an SNES “demake” that was released in 1995. The level design is inferior, there are only two alternate levels, and Maria is not playable. Dracula X does not feature the gameplay improvements made to Super Castlevania IV, so it feels like a big step backward."

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stragomccloud1515d ago

This version is total rubbish. Buy the Turbographix 16 version on the Wii virtual console in Wii mode.

bacrec11515d ago

Thanks for the heads up.