Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive: Check Out Over Three Hours of its Explosive Gameplay

The upcoming Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive is just ten days away from its North American release, and as usual Microsoft proves very confident in its cards by allowing YouTubers and livestreams to give an in-depth glimpse on the game.

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Manic20141466d ago

Looks awesome! Luckily i'll be playing this in couple days time. xD

Charybdis1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Game is looking very good I like the crazy amount of coulours, graffiti art, weapons and action. The humour is a little bit over the top for me. But guess thats also part of the appeal of the game being all crazy and over the top. The guy playing it really seems to enjoy it it, me I am interested in it but will wait untill there is some more info on campaing length.

4Sh0w1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Ok just fast forwarded to take a peek= Wow, I love what Insomniac has done with this game this is going to be really fun to rampage through this city in the SP and then I'll have the 8 player chaos mode to enjoy. I'm officially not watching anymore SSO vids, I'll have it day 1 and I'd rather everything be fresh for my first playthrough. Good times.

whoyouwit041466d ago

If you watched the whole 3 hours of this you weren't planing on buying it anyways so your opinion is irrelevant.Look at how few comments are here I,m sure that's because no one played the video or just scanned threw it like me if they did press play. why in hell would you watch that much of a game unless you have no intent on buying it?

qwerty6761466d ago

so i decided to look at your past comments just for the hell of it

most of them was you just bashing Microsoft and anything xbox related.

pretty sad man.

DirtyLary1465d ago

Doesnt own a x1, needs to insult.

GodGinrai1466d ago

I was the 10th guy that approved this. Yay!

Seriously though. Im looking forward to this. I did consider getting the white console bundle, but in the end, I have decided to PX my current XB1 for the COD model. still looking forward to playing this. I got 7 other friends to play co op with so... yeah :)

DEEBO1466d ago

Eh maybe if its on sale on blackfriday. Halo with the 100 MP maps seems to be a better bet for my $

Software_Lover1466d ago (Edited 1466d ago )

Looks good. A break from the "seriousness" of most video games these days. Unless you own a Nintendo system.

MasterCornholio1466d ago

I didn't know Little Big Planet 3 was a serious game. I always found the franchise to be really wacky in my opinion.

MeliMel1465d ago

I dont think at the moment anyone care about LBP. Its a Sony title and we in here talking SSO.

BTW, do you own a Xbox One? Your always talking PS games on Xbox thread.

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The story is too old to be commented.