Silent Hill P.T. Being Recreated In Unreal Engine 4

Polycount’s member ‘djoexe‘ is currently recreating Konami’s Silent Hill P.T. project in Unreal Engine 4. While this project is not finished yet, djoexe has shared a number of images showing the progress he’s done so far.

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Hellsvacancy1520d ago

Why? is it too tough to create something original these days

john21520d ago

Portfolio purposes most obviously. It will also be interesting to see whether it can come close the visuals and performance of the FOX Engine

Neixus1520d ago

Hideo Kojima said himself they made the game not look as good as they actually can do, and made it run at 30fps to make it more believable that a indie studio made it.

Which means the final game will look better and run at 60fps.

Army_of_Darkness1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

I showed pt to one of my friends so when I gave him the controller to start the game he was like " ummm.. Do I press start?" and I'm like your game already started bro, just open the door to the hallway.. And he was like "what?!" as shocked as he was he went through the door to the hallway and was like" no f*#king way!? This is actual Gameplay?? Holy sh*t! That's f*#king insane! The graphics look so realistic! I thought this was a cut-scene "

Lol! I can't imagine what the final product is gonna look like if the demo looks this good!

Fez1520d ago

Graphics on PT are pretty great... I also really liked that the camera actually felt like it was positioned at head height rather than the all too often chest height. Added to realism and immersion imo.

trollmaster1520d ago

why dont you create one ?

xer01520d ago

Ba-haha. It really is unreal...
More plastic textures from unreal engine.

I can't wait to play this game and metal gear solid in fox engine.

Lon3wolf1520d ago

"While this project is not finished yet (ambient occlusion is obviously missing and the environment itself is not finalized, while lighting still needs more tweaking), djoexe has shared a number of images showing the progress he’s done so far. "

Might be worth another look when finished, and the Fox engine does look real good so far.

AiirJordann231520d ago

i think the fox engine looks better

GundalfDeGrej1520d ago

This has more to do with the fact that it's made by just one person. UE4 can look much better than this (no offence to the creator, it still looks awesome). It really depends on the artist.

theshredded1520d ago

It looks shocking

john21520d ago

WIP project. Let's wait for the final. It has potential though

Exari1519d ago

unshit = not shit? is that a compliment?

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The story is too old to be commented.