The Co-op Podcast 95: Destiny Sells More on Xbox One, But Why?

Gary Swaby at The Koalition writes: Another week, another podcast. As many of you loyal listeners know, you’ll never know what to expect on an episode of The Co-op Podcast, and this week is no different. One of our biggest topics was a spur of the moment topic at the end of the show, and it was about the NPD sales. First of all, Michael Pachter was proved wrong about the Xbox One outselling the PS4 in September. PS4 has again come out on top for the month of September. The strange thing however, is the fact that Destiny sold better on the Xbox One despite it being marketed like a PS4 title. These sales of course exclude bundle sales, and they might include the Xbox One free game offer sales of Destiny, so those variables may have affected the numbers, but it’s still surprising. What does this tell us? We discuss it on the show.

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rbailey1519d ago

I would say that this had to be the case because of the promotion Microsoft ran where you get a free game (Destiny if you choose) with an Xbox One. The problem is that it's not entirety true because the PS4 still outsold the Xbox One in Sept. Still if this was the case, why didn't the PS4 version of Destiny outsell the XB1 version?

Canipa1519d ago

Might be because of the Halo connection.