Why all the fuss over Hatred?

Hatred is a cause for concern for some people but why has this game in particular raised pulses when killing innocents in video games and being rewarded for it is nothing new at all.

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Applejack1495d ago

I don't know much about this game but I've been told there is no real objective in this game. You just kill everyone and anything for no reason and in very graphic detail as well. I can't speak for anyone else but this is definitely not a game I would ever look into; just my thought on it.

Forbidden_Darkness1495d ago

You've been told there's no real objective by whom exactly? By people who haven't played the game because it's not available? The trailer gives quite a bit of context, though many people will not like the reason behind his murdering, because he's not suppose to be likable. This is a better way of saying here go murder hundreds of people because you can, unlike a lot of video games. They aren't trying to hide the fact to what he is doing or make him seem like a great character through story even when he is slaughtering people.

That's what I get from the trailer so far. I think the main point people should understand before saying this game shouldn't be made or should be banned, is that they don't have to play it. They don't have to read or hear anything more about this game if they don't want to.

Anyone can draw a line based on their thoughts and concerns, but don't try and make that line, a line that no one should cross, because it's realistically never going to stop someone from making a game. There's a reason why games like Manhunt, Rapelay, school shooter games and etc exist, because a developer wanted to make them. I'm not justifying those games, I'm just pointing them out.

ATi_Elite1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Who cares about pixel and polygon humans dying when u have an absurd amount of innocent animals being slaughtered by the likes of Mario and Sonic.

I think this game is just a distraction from real issues like the unethical treatment of animals in video games like for instance all the mounts in MMORPG are not properly fed and forced to transport heavily armored riders for miles without rest.

People die everyday in video games except the Princess of course but animals should never be abused in video games. So less talk about Hatred and more talk about ePETA!


Yeh and this pretty much sums up how I feel about a video game in which u kill people...... A frigging joke.

Can't wait until next month when these same Fox News type of people are bragging about their kd/r in COD:AW. LOL

Clown_Syndr0me1494d ago

An objective doesnt make it okay.
Look at "The Last of Us", I dont know if you've played it, but the protagonist goes through the game slaughtering hundreds of people. You could say "yeah theyre bad guys"...but, are they?
Not really, theyre survivors, and Joel and Ellie come waltzing into their territories like they own the place, they defend it out of fear and surival instincts and Joel slaughters them all. I wont go into detail about the final chapter, as people who havent played the game may read this - but if you've played it you will know what I'm getting at.
That is but one example of a game where somehow mass murder is acceptable and no one bats an eyelid.

Just for the record - Im not against violence in videogames at all - I couldnt care less, this was just an example.

Bdxxacjkfs1495d ago

Artist doing art. They have all my support and I wish them the best.

Psychotica1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I suppose taking a dump in the toilet is art too then..

nippletwister1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Streisand effect in conjunction with the successful application of business theory that all advertising/press, positive or negative, is good advertising.
In these ages, lots of western society is taught that they are special, a lot are taught to express their opinions whenever they can, and a lot are afflicted with narcissism from the Facebook effect and image building.
Especially when matters of moral and ethics are concerned, everyone wants to have their opinions heard and to be patted on their back for them. Now, expressing opinions and everything is fine, but the fanaticism and narcissism is where things really become a tool to use, a social engineering tool.
Following this, there is no such zeal and passion as that of those who scream justice, morals and ethics. [Whether this is good or bad is an entirely different topic.]

To put it simply, the developers have created a situation where they have influenced every single person with higher sensitivity, and those who are extremely vocal with a superiority complex over morals, or simply zealous with morals to the point of being able to keep defending their position for 6 hours straight on the Internet if need be to an obsessive level,
to expend every ounce of their being to criticize the game and have their opinions heard.
In turn, they will be met with the opposite extremists, while both sides are met with objective neutrals who deem art no matter what form it is in and no matter what taste it comes in, as something to defend from thought policing (i am one of those, but that's not the point of this post, i am also part of the "problem" if you view it based on my argument because i am taking part in the pissing waterfall).

In essence, whether the game is shit or not, this infinite circle of ideologies crashing heads on 3 fronts will provide massive advertising and it will produce a giant money flow, it's gonna be well exploited. The longer it is, the better, the more times the game is mentioned in whatever the light, the more it sticks to memory and the better.
If you aren't buying the game simply because you want to play it, many will buy the game simply out of spite to those who are criticizing it.
This is a masterpiece of social engineering.
What remains to be seen is how successful the devs will be, and whether they will be, financially.

1495d ago
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