Watch “The Wyatt Family” WWE 2K15 Entrance Video

With the Wwe2k15 release closely sneaking up behind us, more gameplay video's are being shown. Here is a close look at the entrance video of the Wyatt family.

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1518d ago
Deadpool6161518d ago

In real life, the Wyatt Family get cheers. If Cena is getting cheers instead of boos then the developers need to do more research.

AntDaGamer1517d ago

Do your homework WWE Games for the last 4 going on 5 years allow you to change crowd reaction to cheer or boo in options in and out of Universe Mode. Good Day Sir..

Deadpool6161516d ago

Oh okay. Thanks for correcting me. I haven't played WWE games in a while so I've been out of the loop. I'll be sure to set Cena's crowd reaction to boo for authenticity. Here have a Bubble. + Helpful

Rainbowcookie1516d ago

Not sure if trolling, but yeah anyone could have made that mistake .