Minecraft player builds huge city over 2 years

Duncan Parcells, a.k.a. Colonial Puppet, started working on his ‘Titan City’ map in Minecraft on October 2012. It's enormous now, and construction is still ongoing.

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user74029311491d ago

cool, but damn 2 years is a long time

Alicornium1491d ago

gee, yeah, only a few days

egidem1491d ago

I can imagine spending a month of building some stuff in Minecraft, but two years... that's a serious amount of time man.

Kurisu1491d ago

That image reminds of Zanarkand lol

CorndogBurglar1491d ago

This guy gets all the ladies.

HmongAmerican1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

What exactly does this person trying to achieve here? Maybe when he get hire for architecture design, he can use this as reference.

Omnisonne1491d ago

Its a form of entertainment, like painting. I like to create maps as well for games like Far Cry (with the map editor) and some can take up several weeks to finish.

Some people take it a step futher though and make entire mods, all for free and fun

HmongAmerican1489d ago

I understand ya. We all have our own hobby and passion for things we love to do in life. I hope he gets hire for architecture design and use his talents for the good of mankind.