It Never Rains In Far Cry 4 & The Himalayas Aren't Always Open

"Far Cry 4's weather system will never put a downer on your day and you'll never need to kill 5 goats to craft an umbrella. Why? Well, Kyrat doesn't get rain, simply put.

And if you thought that you would be strolling up the Himalayas every other day, stretching your digital legs, then you're going to be sorely disappointed."

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mdluffy1249d ago

I couldn't care less about the rain, but why the himalayas are not always open is stupid in a free roam game.

ScottyHoss1249d ago

I'm guessing it's only when it's not snowing, which would make sense. Judging from the clickbate-ness of the authors words (as he didn't mention what intervals those were) and his either horrible attempt at a joke or overreaction, I really couldn't tell, its probably going to be available more often than he's implying.

Reaon1249d ago

Maybe you should've read the source.. It's only open for specific missions. So no free roam.

user56695101249d ago

thank god for the pc version. we well get a mod to have it always open with snow at maxx setting in full glory.

starchild1249d ago

That's disappointing. If Kyrat is supposed to be like a fictional version of Nepal or Bhutan, well, that area gets lots of rain. I liked the rain in Far Cry 3. How does all that vegetation grow without water?

Riderz13371249d ago

There was no rain in Far Cry 3...

WeAreLegion1249d ago

It's rare, but it happens. You can change that with a mod though.

Skate-AK1249d ago

Rained on me a couple times. PS3 version.

Metallox1249d ago

I never had the possibility to see it until now.

It feels odd to know this after 2 years of the original release xD

ramiuk11249d ago

did it rain in FC3?
cant remember it doing it.
i think the not always open is good,if there is snow blizzards ot something u wouldnt be sble to go up there,i just hope its availabe more than the times u have to go there for missions as that would suck.
i want to paraglide through them

Skate-AK1249d ago

Yeah it did. I was surprised when it randomly started raining after playing for 20 hours and not seeing it happen before.

starchild1249d ago (Edited 1249d ago )

Wow, it wasn't super common in my game, but it happened every so often, quite a few times throughout my playthrough.

Metallox1249d ago

It does snow, if I'm correct. That can be considered rain, I suppose :s

SolidDuck1249d ago

ya it also never rains at autzen stadium. If u get this comment, props to u my friend.

sungam3d1249d ago

Mods on PC will be certain to fix this gaping flaw in the game.

skulz71249d ago

Who gives a shit about the rain, that is so dissapointing that we can't explore the Himalayas outside of specific missions. Damm, they kept that hidden for some time.

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The story is too old to be commented.