Leak: Limbo Rated in Korea for Xbox One

It seems as though Limbo will be making it’s way to Xbox One in light of many other recent re-releases on the console. Koreas rating board has rated it for the Xbox One.

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nicksetzer11516d ago

I'll probably buy it, never got to play it on 360 as I was busy with other games when it came out, and never got around to playing it later. Looking forward to it, hope it is as good as ehat I have heard.

DarkOcelet1516d ago

Its really great and enjoyable . And its atmosphere is awesome . I am still trying to get that damn achievemnt where it requires me to finish the game with five deaths only and its really hard but amazing . You will love it .

Omran1516d ago

One of the best indie title last gen I played it on my laptop last year, also there is game called world of goo that released in the pc and wii I really enjoyed that game

ginsunuva1516d ago

Next up, Limbo TI84-edition