Bungie Weekly Update - 10/17/2014

This week at Bungie, we reforged some of the armaments in your arsenal.

According to the notes we published, our work may have resulted in either a slight increase or decrease in the deadliness of your go-to weapon. It’s a safe bet that you’re wondering why. We understand that curiosity.

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joab7771490d ago

I am fine with patching Aetheon cheese. But messing w the mechanics of randomly spawning ppl into the portal is a bad precedent a month in.

Let ppl play their roles etc. There is no matchmaking for raids so it's hard enough to get a group together for some ppl. Changing the set role mechanic will be bad.

ShowGun9011490d ago

i'd be cool with it if you were highlighted early, so you at least had a few second warning... oh well, ive beaten the VoG 2 times now, so at least this will make it a little harder now!

bring it on!

ShowGun9011490d ago

"Then came the flood of Tweets and posts about the Auto Rifle and Shotgun exhibitions that were dominating the Crucible. Then came the User Research data. It turned out that the vast majority of you were, in fact, using the same weapons to turn your enemies into burning cinders to be carried away on the wind."

this is what people need to remember... i saw a bunch of people, after this patch, saying that bungie was just listening to people who cried about the auto rifles and cried about the VM... listening to the PVP players, ignoring the PVE players.

a company this big DOES NOT listen to people crying on the forums, they look at data. when the data supports it, nerfs will be made. this is how you balance a game. statistics. you gotta look at how, as a group, your player base is trending. ARs were a little OP, therefore i think the nerfs were a good idea, thanks bungie!

TRD4L1fe1490d ago

Im glad they buffed scout rifles, seeing how im a big fan of them and now i can actually use them in PvP