Titanfall Collector's Edition is $150 off on Amazon

The Titanfall Collector's Edition originally launched for $249.99 back in March. However, Amazon is now selling the package for only $99.99. This applies to the Xbox One and Xbox 360 versions.

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tgunzz1516d ago

I am going to have to order this. It will make a great xmas gift for my nephew! Game on.

radler1516d ago

Hahaha. Game on? Are you that much of a monkey that you seriously parrot marketing speak and catchphrases without a hint of irony?


VanguardOfCalamity1516d ago

Since when did using the phrase "game on" become something to be chastised over?

maybe the guy genuinely likes the game and just wants to share that with his family - game on :P

DJustinUNCHAIND1516d ago

I can see you're still upset about it not being on PlayStation.

TheFutureIsBlue1516d ago

@radler You lose the internet.

Hope your nephew enjoys this tgunzz!

radler1516d ago

lol why would I care if the game is on PlayStation or not? I can play it just fine at 1080p and a rock solid 60fps already :D

Funny you bring up PlayStations though, is someone insecure? Silly fanboy :)

BattleAxe1516d ago

I used to say 'game on' all the time as a kid playing street hockey, what's the big deal?

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tgunzz1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

@thefutureisblue (thank you kindly), He will... Everytime my nephew comes over he jumps on Tf, and by the time he is ready to leave, he is begging for my statue (which of course I say no). He should be pretty shocked come this xmas!!! @radler, I have been using game on since I've joined N4G, and you're the first person I've offended, and for that I'm sorry for the way it impacted you, and how it derailed your very 1st comment (which I'm sure) would have about the reduced price of TF collector's edition. Had I known that game on would have side tracked you, then I would have held off from using it. Going forward, I do hope that you take it less personal when you see me using game on, and continue the enjoy, and supply awesome feedback regarding topics... Respect, and game on.

yankolo1516d ago

Yeahhh this game its gooooodddd he pissed..


Some collectors edition huh? A good collectors edition rises in value over time not diminishes, i feel bad for the people that spent the near $300 on this thing after tax...

VforVideogames1516d ago

Or maybe they made too many.

KillerPwned1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

A lot of collectors editions never sell and stores usually over stock on them. Thus overtime they are just taking up space and so in come the big discounts. Unless you truly know a collectors edition will be limited. Its best just to wait it out...for example I got Final Fantasy XIII X-2 Collectors for $15 new at Best Buy awhile back.

TisoSpencer1516d ago

I just spent $42.00 on this thing. Like that needs to settle in for me, I got this thing for $42 because of my credit rewards on my Amazon card.

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