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Driveclub was one of the first games shown off when the PlayStation 4 was initially unveiled.

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amiga-man1369d ago

The people actually playing this game are loving it, if you want your driving skills tested this game will do that.

As I have said before if you want spoon fed victories go somewhere else.

Torque_CS_Lewith1369d ago

Driving skills? It is an arcade racing game for heaven's sake!
The lack of variety and content is this game's achillies' heel in spite of its graphical appeal

Knushwood Butt1369d ago

Yeah, it should have more variety, like Mario Kart.

GodGinrai1369d ago

"if you want your driving skills tested this game will do that."

LOL..No. It wont test your driving skills. Cars dont handle like that in real life. FM, GT and Pcars are better at that sort of thing. because the cars behave like real cars. The laws of physics and tire behaviour are obeyed in those games.

I finally got to play it last weekend ( borrowed my brothers copy). Pretty game but the handling felt unsatisfactory to me. The cars felt like a mix of NFS and GRID. I never liked the car handling in either of those games. just feels plain awkward.

But DC does look fantastic. The graphics are the one area where the game excels.

Spid3r61369d ago

Funny that hard core racing fans dont see it that way. Go to and you will see a very honest review on a guy that basically does this for a living.

Ryan7411369d ago

Give me GT any day of the week. This is a unfinished tech demo.

amiga-man1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )


Another one that talks the talk but doesn't back it up, instead blocking me typical fanboy response.

Skhan1368d ago


Have you played it?, Drive Club is a very challenging game in the offline career, specially in the Professional and Legend Events, of course the games begins easy with you. This is game is for sure way more challenging than you think.

I'm in level 32 by now it gets harder and harder, specially if you want to beat all the events and get all the stars form them.

amiga-man1368d ago

Of course he hasn't played it, the same is true of almost all the people who comment negatively about the game, they like to pretend it's a simple arcade game but it's far more sim than arcade.

As you said later levels are a real challenge I managed level 33 and the sense of speed and handling of the later cars is amazing, haters will hate but as I said those that have the game love it.

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sprinterboy1369d ago

Don't understand the reviews, best racer ever imo.

nitrogav1369d ago

I don`t understand all the hatred and negative reviews this is getting . I love Driveclub and enjoying every minute of it . It draws you in the more time you put into it .

shloobmm31369d ago

Peoplr always try to justify purchases they made. It's only natural. No one wants tp look like they just threw $60 down the drain.

SniperControl1368d ago


Nobody is trying to justify buying Driveclub, the game is genuinely very good, problem is, people are comparing it with FH2 another very good game.

I do actually think, if it had released before FH2, it would have reviewed better.

Daz1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

That i have to disagree with but its is a great racer and not has bad reviews make it out to be.

sprinterboy1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )


12th in the world with Gran turismo buddy, nxt

Masterh0ppa1369d ago

Best racer ever hahaha. It's the only racer you played I assume?

sprinterboy1367d ago


I am 12th in world at gran turismo, try again :-?

Kiwi661369d ago

How can it be the best racer ever when its been a horrible launch given that they delayed it twice and even with an extra year they removed some features to try to help make the servers work but even the patch to fix it only made even more of a mess , sure it might have great graphics but it takes more than that for it to be the best

uth111369d ago

delays and server issues have nothing to do with whether it's fun to play

supersonicjerry1369d ago

best racer to you and a terrible racer to them its all OPINION.

Knushwood Butt1369d ago

For me, I would not say it is the best racer ever, but I am enjoying it.

Currently Level 22, just beaten the Am Trophy.

I was following this game for a long time prior to release, and it delivers pretty much everything that I was expecting.

It's fast, fun, and pretty. If I want more depth I'll play GT6.

Skhan1368d ago

I have to agree, the game is a blast, the shortest time I have played this thing is like 2 hours, I can´t put it down once I put the disc in.

I'm in level 32 and trying to get all the stars from the Pro Events. Great arcade racing game!

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DragoonsScaleLegends1369d ago

From the gameplay videos and reviews I have seen it is an average racer with nice graphics that deserves no less than a 7 when online features are working.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1369d ago

"From the gameplay videos and reviews I have seen it is an average racer with nice graphics"

So what you're saying is that you haven't played DriveClub at all? You're also admitting that you have no idea what you're talking about.

Mechanism1369d ago

The fact that this guy mentions XBone and Forza so many times says it all really.. Actively trying to downplay games to slow down momentum of PS4.. 90% of these gaming sites aren't on metacritic for a reason.. Pathetic. (not that I have ANY trust in gaming 'journalism' anymore fullstop).

Agendas Agendas Agendas.

If these guys are journalists, then I am an astronaut.

Daz1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

But all the driveclub vs forza stuff for year a in articals.

THen you got the trailers with forza killer in it with is a bit sad in my book.

Then they both came out near the same time so they properly will be compared.

Protoss1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

Yep. Why is everyone conplaining about all the FH2 comparisons in DC's reviews? Did Evo and Sony not make it out to be the 'Forza killer' as exactly depicted in their very own trailers? Of course critics are going to bring it up occasionally, it's a point that the creators basically asked for.

If the game didn't flop, there's not a single doubt in my mind that they'd DEFINITELY compare it to Forza Horizon 2. You can count on that.

qwerty6761369d ago

like the others have said

it was sony and evo who labeled it as the "forza killer"

so blame them if its being compared to that franchise from reviews.

Harold_Finch1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

No, nothing to do with platforms you paranoid loon.

The game had one of the worst bits of marketing i have ever seen, no one knows if it's an arcade racer or a sim.

How can a game receive good revies if it doesn't even work? It's one of the worst console launches i have ever seen, even after a delayed year.

It also spells bad for Evolution Studios, the game went gold, how the hell did THIS go gold? It clearly doesn't work properly.

Sony's Kas Harai has even said that Gran Turismo is "coming in hot" That's like putting a pillow over Evolution's face and waiting for the noises to go away.

The PS4 CAN do bad things, it can fail at times. Stop acting so desperate in justifying your purchase. You wasted your money and bought one too early, get over it.

Jide1369d ago

Driveclub is okay. The reason most of you love it is because its the only racer on PS4. The game is just okay

hardcorehippiez1369d ago

No, i have plenty of racing games to keep me occupied. the reason i like driveclub is because it is a good game. plays smooth, aggressive a.i. like the motorstorm games (which i also like ) and the cars and the detail in the game is incredible and captures the sense of speed perfectly. now your perception of the game might be different but who are you to say why i only like the game as if you know me . perhaps if you played it instead of sitting typing shite to try and get a rise out of people .you never know you might enjoy it also .

EZMickey1369d ago

If by "Aggressive AI" you mean AI that drives into you and rams you off the road because it's stuck on the driving line and is completely unaware of your presence (a big complaint of many reviews) then, yes, the AI is aggressive.

hardcorehippiez1369d ago

learn how to control your car after being nudged. learn to cover the road when holding first position and you will get a greater sense of achievement when you win. the a.i in motorstorm was very similar its just there were many more open space routes to take as opposed to a narrow track.

fooltheman1369d ago


The other cars are aware of your presence. Dualshockers proved it with a video.

That critique has a value of zero.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

"The reason most of "you" (PS4 owners) love it is because its the only racer on PS4."

"We", meaning PS4 owners, (because that's what you meant to say) are enjoying DriveClub because we have actually played it, unlike you, the author, and several other people posting in this thread. Xbox One/Forza Horizon nitwit trolls are so obvious. The anti-PlayStation Network/DriveClub campaign is really looking quite desperate and pathetic. The only people who don't see how desperate and pathetic some of you fanboys are is you, yourselves. Think of it this way:

Do you see PS4/Destiny/DriveClub fanboys writing negative reviews for Forza Horizon 2? You want to know the main reason why it's not happening? It's simply because PlayStation 4 owners are enjoying the games we have and we're trying to get to the backlog of games we haven't been able to play because the PS4 has "SO MANY GAMES TO CHOOSE FROM." Question for all of the XB1/anti-DriveClub trolls: If FH2 is such a marvelous game and the Xbox One is such a marvelous machine, why aren't playing the game on your hardware instead of trolling the web with negative comments about and posting poorly written, negative reviews for DriveClub?

The answer is simple. Trolling against the PS4 and DriveClub is apparently, more interesting than playing games on the Xbox One.

DLConspiracy1369d ago (Edited 1369d ago )

You are not gonna treat this like you are a victim of some hate crime against ps4 are you? Come on dude taking it a bit hard aren't you? The game named itself the "Forza Killer". The PS only fans were actively putting Forza and Fh2 down everywhere too. Or are we gonna sweep that under the rug and pretend that didn't happen. There are far more fans of PS4 anyway more than Xbox One. The hatred against pretty much anything Xbox has been non stop. Its one game and its got nothing to do with which console it plays on. Perhaps the game just isn't as good as fh2. I mean you go on and on about how people have not played it yet but I have a feeling you have not even played FH2. That seems hypocritical.

lolosgolos1369d ago

If you are enjoying Driveclub so much then why are you here responding. You can't even begin to complain about Forza and Driveclubs complaints are everywhere even Ppl who haven't played the game know it has issue. The Developers and Sony have said it has and for you not to acknoledge them is what makes developers lazy problems

marlinfan101369d ago

you sony fanboys are a special kind of delusional

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