Sixteen new Devil May Cry 4 screenshots for PLAYSTATION 3

One of the PLAYSTATION 3 games everyone is waiting for is of course Devil May Cry 4. Too bad the game won't be released until somewhere in 2007, but to help with the wait, Capcom gave us sixteen new images of the game. Enjoy!

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UNREAL-T4405d ago

i cant wait for this one, i'm a fan.
ps3 gonna have a good time next year! Devil may cry 4, MGS 4, Motorstorm, heavenly sword, GTA 4 (also on 360) Lair " this game looks good" warhawk, killzone 2 and much more, those are coming out only on ps3. I can't wait to get a ps3.

ASTAROTH4405d ago

It has a great quality lightning. Hopes are high for this one. I also note that the texture quality is bad. It really need some work because they look like High Res Textures taken directly from DMC3. Nowhere near the quality textures found in 360 games. WELL, its too early to make the judgement but I believe that the texture quality is a hardware problem not the software. ANYWAYS it looks great and will be great. If u dont like it GO FK URS ELF!!

fablex4405d ago

textures can be easily swapped to higher res once i think, so expect that the devs aren't totally done with the graphics. They got plenty of time to make it better

THE TRUTH4405d ago

360 game besides GOW has hi res textures? And how exactly are you calling this a "hardware problem"? That just plain ignorance you don't even understand the hardware so what knowledge do you have to make those claims?

This is #3 on my top games to get in 2007! #1 being Heavenly Sword and #2 being Lair!

Its still early and this game looks great, I'm looking forward to the story and the improved gameplay, if you have played DMC3 then you know what I mean! DMC3 had perfect controls, and the weapon system has no equal in this genre!

I hope capcom some how impliments 2 player coop that would be amazing!

DJ4405d ago

Some of the textures look very good, while some is obviously just placeholder work. The game's early in development so it kinda comes with the territory. Nero looks very realistic, and I think a lot of it has to do with his hair. After growing up with characters who have blocky, polygonal hair, it's kinda nice to see more natural features.

Odiah4404d ago

Is it true that Sony have lost DMC?

kewlkat0074404d ago

Thats wait to be seen, we all know Capcoms strategy, can we say they wanna make lots of money.

I think the series will come to the 360,

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