PlayStation TV is Outmatched By the Fire TV and Roku, but Has Perks of Its Own

CraveOnline: Long before I’d purchased a PlayStation 4, I was more excited than I probably should have been for Sony’s PlayStation TV. PS TV is a small, $99 device that promises to not only play Vita cartridges on your television via its included slot and a DualShock controller, but also allow access to video content the way an Apple TV, Fire TV, or Roku typically would. As a fan of Vita’s small but high-quality library (particularly its visual novel selection), I looked forward to not only enjoying its games on the big screen in 720p, but sharing gaming experiences that I’d otherwise have kept to myself on a handheld. For my needs unique, it sounded pretty perfect.

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darthv721495d ago

Well to me the biggest perk is playing vita games (and PSP) on a TV.

Can Roku or Fire TV do that??? Nope!

Case closed.

novacav1495d ago

Precisely! Dying for some VLR, Danganronpa, Killzone, and P4G on the big screen.

GribbleGrunger1494d ago

Nor can it play PS3 games. I have a feeling the press are going to go after this in the same way they went after the Vita. God only knows why but they will.

iagainsti1201494d ago

With Playstation Now you can. Not natively though.

badz1491494d ago

outmatch? how? oh...just like how a bus outmatch a Ferrari, right? because a bus can carry like 40 people to Ferrari's 4.

madpuppy1494d ago

Exactly! playtv is another PS console that also streams PS4 games. for a PS plus and PS4 owner, it is a win win situation.

NotAfanBoyy1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I wish for more exclusive titles that are compatible

I can already play PS1/PS2/PSP games on my TV

Memory cards are too expensive

donthate1494d ago

For the general consumer the Roku or Fire TV is a better choice, because they will get better support than Sony can give to PS TV.

For the gamer though, the PS TV has a major strength and that is the controller. All the other systems will likely have a sh!t controller, and the DS3, could be better, but is still the best in that category.

Streaming PS4 games is also very cool for single player games, but it is really for the Playstation eco-system and for everything else the other devices do better.

badz1491494d ago

single player games? PSTV supports multi controller. I play LEGO Marvel with my son with remote play when my wife is using the tv.

donthate1494d ago


What I meant with that is that it isn't a multiplayer game. You don't want to add another network layer to an online multiplayer game with a streaming that also adds potential lag, although you can.

So in my mind single player includes co-op, but I suppose that isn't clear to everyone.

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JonnyBigBoss1495d ago

I just want one for Persona 4 Golden to be honest.

bigbearsack1494d ago

Half of the games I have are not supported. Hopefully they correct this.

theFAYEsorceress1494d ago

if it lets me play vita games on my tv with my ds4 controller, then i'm sold~

ramiuk11494d ago

it does.
remote play ps4

only thing i dont like is the fact u need vita cards to store vita games,should be a built in storage(not the paltry 1gb)

WeAreLegion1494d ago


No PS2 support yet. :/ Hopefully they'll fix that in the future.

kratoz12091494d ago

Ys memories and p4g for me

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The story is too old to be commented.