Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes - Review - The Armchair Empire Infinite

From the review:

"There's almost too much to go into to describe what's available in the Toy Box. Besides assembling environments (exterior and interior), it's also possible to design levels with goals and objectives or even racing or combat mini-games. The wide-open feel to the Toy Box reminded me of another Disney Interactive title published back in 1992, Stunt Island. (Hey, Disney bring that one back!) Stunt Island was basically one giant movie set where players could place a huge assortment of props -- from planes to farm animals to trees -- setup some action then film and edit (including recording custom audio) the stunt and have the ability to export those films so anyone could watch it, even those that didn't have the game. In that same vein of sharing, Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes lets players upload and download custom creations."

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