The Witness’ Designer Talks About Big Games, Memory Management and the Problems of Complexity

The Witness and Braid designer Jonathan Blowgave his opinion on the problems of big and complex games, giving an interesting perspective on what is a challenge and what isn’t. Surprisingly, memory management doesn’t seem to be the issue.

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bleedsoe9mm1222d ago

hopefully its a sign the game is ready for release if JB has time to do interviews

nucky641222d ago

I read a short article in the middle of august that said the game was nearly done. I'm hoping it's out before xmas.

spacedelete1222d ago

don't see the big deal with this game myself. its an indie puzzle game at full price.

DigitalRaptor1220d ago (Edited 1220d ago )

I don't see a big deal being made.

JB made Braid, and it was a fantastic, award-winning game. People should be allowed to be excited for his next project. It's more ambitious than anything him or his team have done before and it looks beautiful and challenging with deeper meaning hidden within the locations and behind the puzzles.

And I've never seen anything to suggest it will be priced at $60.

denawayne1222d ago

Holy moly! An article about Jonathan Blowgave and he doesn't bash MS!

Wni01222d ago

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