Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate Hands-On Preview – Killing Fields | The Koalition

The Koalition's Tony Polanco writes:

"When we got invited to check out Capcom’s booth at New York Comic-Con, JakeJames Lugo and I divided up the workload. I would play Resident Evil: Revelations 2 and he’d do Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate. However, since JJ did a little too much partying the night before and missed the appointment, I had to take up the slack and play it instead. I wasn’t exactly looking forward to this since I’m not a fan of this series or games like it. However, my brief time with the game was pretty enjoyable and I finally understood why people love these games so much."

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Profexxion1492d ago

Could never get fully invested in the Monster Hunter franchise. The premise is right up my alley, but the execution never lived up to my hopes.

MrKennedy1492d ago

I could never fully invest in MOnster HUnter either.

Romudeth1492d ago

I feel the same way. When I first heard about this franchise I was like "I get to hunt monsters? Sign me up!" Then I played the game... TRIED to play it since the controls were so horrible, and gave up. I feel you man.

Profexxion1491d ago

I've tried maybe three times but the mechanics just don't appeal to me.

SwiffEpics1492d ago

Ive always wanted to try this game out but never got the chance. Great preview.

MrKennedy1492d ago

I've always wanted to try this game too.

rbailey1492d ago

Awesome preview. I would consider playing this game if I had a 3ds but I definitely won't be buying one just to play this lol